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Gotham Knights: Picking the Best Character for Your Playstyle

The definitive Gotham Knights tier list... is somewhere else

by Lucas White

In any multi-character videogame, people are gonna be searching for who the “best” character is. Without fail, this is a thing we see in the Google robot digital labor pits, even when it doesn’t make much sense. For example, Gotham Knights is a cooperative brawler that lets you swap characters between game sessions as much as you want. How would you determine who the best character is? There’s no reasonable way to. But I guess you could determine who is the “best” at specific roles. If you want to play a certain way, here’s the best Gotham Knights character, so we say.

The Best Gotham Knights Character for Your Playstyle

Red Hood: Big Meaty Man Slapping Meat

If you like to press an attack button and sit and watch while your character takes their sweet time to connect, Red Hood is your boy. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory kind of way, I mean in the Big Meat Slapping Impact Payoff kind of way. You wanna see a man who looks like a gorilla in Spider-Man cosplay defy gravity to unravel a dropkick in midair that gives you time to appreciate every frame of animation before it hits like a lightning bolt? Pick this guy.

He has guns too, but who cares. Yeet people off buildings like a real Gotham City hero.

Nightwing: Does Some Flips

This man grew up in a circus and does exactly what you’d expect such an unfortunate circumstance to manifest. Playing Nightwing means you get to flip around in the air, getting extra dodges and airborne maneuvers. You won’t get a lot of impact satisfaction out of Grayson, but you will get to feel quite stylish between attacks.

Batgirl: Weird Tank Lady

Batgirl just sort of got stuff dumped into her kit and the end result is bizarre. It seems like the devs started at “tech stuff,” because as Oracle she can do things like hack electric panels, avoid security, and such. But Robin is the sneaky one, so that left an inconvenient void. So Batgirl ended up with a bunch of self-healing abilities and super armor, making it so she can just press buttons and not care what happens.

Robin: Trust Fund Bart Simpson

This kid sneaks around really well and has a slingshot for a weapon that applies various status effects. If you want to play as one of the worst versions of Robin, here’s your boy. Between Tim Dork in Gotham Knights and Buzzcut Billy in Arkham City, I don’t know which is worse! It’s totally possible to make a cool Robin, videogame people. C’mon.

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Thanks for taking the time to read my totally objective and scientific Gotham Knights best character guide.