Gotham Knights Batarang Retrieval Guide: How to Find Them and Track Progress

Open world glowy thingies

Gotham Knights is an open-world game in part, which means collectibles! There are doo-dads scattered throughout the map that you’re gonna have to hunt for if you want to do everything. In this case, you’re looking for Batarangs in what seems to be a nostalgic romp through an old training exercise. The nice thing about this challenge is it isn’t totally brainless like the backpacks in Marvel’s Spider-Man, nor is it completely a myopic pixel hunt. There are tools, and I’m here to explain how they work.

Gotham Knights Batarang Guide

The Batarang Retrieval challenge is broken up by areas on the map. You can check your progress in two different places. One is obviously in the Challenges menu in the Batcomputer. But if you simply tap the Batcomputer button instead of holding it, you’ll also get a quick menu that doesn’t totally pause Gotham Knights. You can quickly check your numbers there as well.

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To find a Batarang once you’ve chosen a spot, you have to look out for them. But while it sounds obnoxiously difficult to find little bat-shaped options in a dark city, these things glow like bug zappers. Look for trails of a really deep, blue light, and for the most part it’s gonna be a Batarang.

As an aside, the Challenges menu says that you should use the AR scan to pinpoint Batarangs. I was confused about what exactly I was supposed to be looking for, so I went back out and searched for one. I found it by the glow, rather than the AR button I was spamming. After some reverse engineering, well, here:

This is a screenshot I took from the PS5, zoomed in on my phone, and took a screenshot of that. Very helpful, AR. This is why the Metaverse thing is such a dumpster fire.

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