Getting Wool from Sheep in Stardew Valley
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How to Get Cloth in Stardew Valley – Answered

First, I choose a fabric from the rack and I pin the pattern down…

Then I stitch it in the front and back, and it turns into a gown! While not every piece of Cloth found in Stardew Valley can be turned into a dress, you can make many accessories from it, sell it, or give it away to someone who really likes it to improve your relationship with the townsfolk. Cloth is another one of those valuable Artisan Goods and has many uses, so here’s how to go about supplying yourself with some in Stardew Valley.

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Where to Get Cloth in Stardew Valley – Answered

In my experience, Cloth is actually quite the easy commodity to find in Stardew Valley; you can get it from using the Loom, enemy drops, and by recycling if your odds are lucky enough. Here’s how you go about getting Cloth varying on the options previously mentioned.

Getting Cloth from a Loom

The easiest way to build up a collection of Cloth is by getting it straight from the source. Animals that produce Wool in Stardew Valley are the Rabbit and the Sheep, however, both of these animals can only be unlocked at Marnie’s shop whenever you upgrade either your Barn or your Coop to its maximum. The Deluxe Coop requires 500 Wood, and 200 Stone, and costs 20,000 Gold, but it’ll let you host up to 12 animals and comes with the Autofeed System. The Deluxe Barn requires 550 Wood, and 300 Stone, and costs 25,000 Gold, but it’ll also house up to 12 animals and comes with an Autofeed System.

Both these buildings will need to be upgraded from the Big Coop and Big Barn, so Cloth is seen as a more advanced item for late in Year 1 or even saved for Year 2. But once you have Rabbits or Sheep, you can obtain Wool. Rabbits will naturally drop Wool, similar to Eggs and Feathers in the Deluxe Coop. For Sheep, you’ll need a pair of Shears that can be bought from Marnie for 1,000 Gold. Simply hover near the Sheep with the pair of shears in hand and select the Use Button (Left Click for PC Users and A for Nintendo Switch.)

Once you have Wool, you’ll need a Loom. This item can only be learned once you’ve reached Farming Level 7 and its recipe includes 60 Wood, 30 Fibers, and 1 Pine Tar. Once placed, you can hold Wool in your Inventory slot and select the Use button where the Loom will automatically begin to process the Wool. It’ll take approximately four hours to finish, but once you come back, Cloth will be waiting for you to pick it up. The higher grade of the Wool, the more it may produce with up to two Clothes being produced at a 50% chance when the Wool is Iridium Quality.

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Getting Cloth from Mummies at Skull Cavern

There are some tricky enemies in Skull Cavern, one of which is the Mummy. You can down this monster into a pile of scrap, however, if you don’t finish it correctly, it’ll only rebuild itself and begin attacking once again. That’s because in order to properly defeat Mummies, you need to bring along bombs. Once the mummy is down, place a bomb and make yourself scarce. This can help to break nearby rocks as well as blow up the mummy so you finish it off once and for all. If your luck is good that day, you’ll have a better chance of receiving Cloth when the mummy is defeated. 

Getting Cloth from Recycling

Getting Cloth from Recycled Machines in Stardew Valley
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One of the earliest methods to getting Cloth is by being a Good Samaritan and recycling Newspapers. There are dozens of pieces of trash you can get from around Stardew Valley whether you are fishing in the lake or river or you happen to pick up trash in the trash cans around town. Now don’t knock me, you can get some interesting items from the trash cans, and not only that but what you can find can be thrown into a Recylyer and made into materials you just might need. 

The Recycling Machine is unlocked at Fishing Level 4 and can be made with 25 Wood, 25 Stone, and One Iron Bar. You simply then take whatever trash you are holding, whether it’s Newspapers, Sticks, or Broken CDs, and eventually, it’ll process into the material you can use like Cloth, Wood, Refined Quartz, or Torches.

Buying or Retrieving Cloth from Emily

You can also buy Cloth from the Desert Trade by trading in Three Aquamarines for One Cloth, however, this offer is only available on Wednesdays. You may also receive Cloth from Emily once you raise you to raise your Friendship with her since she’ll habitually send you items as well as let you know that you can eventually use her Sewing Machine. 

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Keep it, Sell it, Make it into a gown, whatever you decide to do with your Cloth is up to you. For more guides on Stardew Valley, be sure to check out how to get Maple Syrup or visit the game tag below.

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