Gathering Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley
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How to Get Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley – Answered

A sweet treat to enhance the right crafts

Gifting townsfolk items in Stardew Valley can be a tricky web to weave. Artisan Gifts, however, are appreciated by almost all of the folks in town. While Maple Syrup may not look all that important, you’d be surprised by just how much you may need it, so here’s how to get a steady supply of Maple Syrup in the game.

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How to Get Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley

Maple Tree in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter in Stardew Valley
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To get Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley, there are really only a select few ways that you go about getting this hot commodity, with the easiest being through the tapper. Tappers are products that you can attach to trees, and every nine days, they’ll produce Maple Syrup for you. You can also make a Heavy Tapper which will work twice as fast but requires more advanced materials than the regular Tapper, so it may not be viable early in the game. 

You make Tappers by getting to Forager Level 3, a skill that is built on picking up items such as the seasonal items you can find out and about beyond your farm, such as Leeks, Plums, seasonal berries, and more. You can also chop wood which will also apply to your Foraging levels. After you get the recipe, you’ll be able to make the Tapper from 40 Wood and 2 Copper Bars.

Once you have the item, the process is as simple as locating a Maple Tree, which will look like this depending on the season depicted in the image above. Clicking on it with the Tapper in your hand will automatically attach the Tapper to the tree, where it’ll already begin producing; you need to wait nine days. 

In order to get the Tapper back from your tree, you’ll need to select your Axe or Pickaxe from your Inventory and attack your tree. Doing so will release the Tapper from the tree, where it’ll return safely to your inventory.

Another place you can get Maple Syrup is by processing Hardwood. Hardwood is gained by Mahogany cutting down Maple Trees, Stumps, and Logs that are found throughout Stardew Valley. The Wood Chipper required for breaking down this wood can be purchased from Robin on the second day of Winter in your first year. It’ll be available in Robin’s Purchase Items Menu for 1,000 Gold. 

For the Wood Chipper, you set it down in a suitable place and offer it Hardwood. It’s rare to get Maple Syrup from the Wood Chipper, standing in at about a 0.66% chance of it being produced, but if you have the system automated, you’re sure to get Maple Syrup at some point.

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Everything You Need To Know About Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley

As mentioned before, Maple Syrup is considered an Artisan Item, so most of the Villagers in Stardew Valley are sure to like it, with the only exception being Maru. This can make for a great gift, but not only that, it’s a necessary item for some of the requirements to rebuild the Community Center. 

Maple Syrup is required in the Chef’s Bundle on the Bulletin Board section, increasing your friendship with Gus and restoring a significant section of the main room that you enter through the Community Center’s front doors. And while it isn’t required, you can select Maple Syrup to be one of the items that you donate to the Exotic Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room.

It is an easy one to knock out of the way if you dedicate enough time to clearing out trees and putting Tappers on the one you keep. It’s usually recommended to eventually build a Tree Farm so you can set yourself up with a steady supply of Maple Syrup. 

For crafting, Maple Syrup can be made into two items. One is for Cooking; the Maple Bar comprises Maple Syrup, Sugar, and Wheat Flower. It restores a nice chunk of Energy at 225 and 101 Health. It’ll also increase your Farming, Fishing, and Mining, giving you a nice buff for a short time. The item can only be learned by tuning into The Queen of Sauce on Summer 14 during your Second Year. 

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The other item you can make, which will become an even sweeter necessity, is the Bee House. Once your Farming Level is at three, you can create a Bee House with Maple Syrup, 40 Wood, 8 Coal, and an Iron Bar.

Placing this outside will produce Honey for all seasons except Winter every four days. Placing them near flowers will provide you with Flower Honey which sells for more in case you want to sell them instead of save them for recipes or give away as an Artisan Item.

Last but not least, you can always also sell your Maple Syrup which will run at 200 Gold for each one you put in your Shipping Box. This price will increase to 250 Gold if you choose the Tapper as one of your professions upon Leveling Up. It doesn’t hurt to make some money when you need it though you may have a better time using it for crafts to get more valuable items from your Maple Syrup. 

In order to restore the main room to the Community Center, you’ll need to learn about Fishing, so check out this fishing guide for Stardew Valley and how to get rid of the Glittering Boulder. For more on Stardew, look no further than the game tag below this article.

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