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Stardew Valley – How to Upgrade Your Farm and Farmhouse

by Prima Games Staff

Farming in Stardew Valley is all about progressing forward, and to do that you’re going to need to learn to build various farm buildings, and update your farmhouse. To do this you’re going to need lots of Gold and resources, and know how to go about upgrading everything.

In this article, we’ll teach you all about how to upgrade your farm and farmhouse in Stardew Valley, as well as go over the different farm buildings that you can build to make your little slice of heaven even better.

Stardew Valley – How to Upgrade Your Farm and Farmhouse

Upgrading your farm house is extremely important because it allows you to do different things. At the start of the game your farmhouse is made up of a single room with a table, a chair, a fireplace, a TV, and a bed. That’s about all you have at the start, and you’ll want to get it upgraded as quickly as you can to make more room for other items, as well as to build yourself a kitchen so you can start cooking your own meals.

To upgrade your farmhouse you will need to travel north of the town to the Carpenter Shop. Once there, speak to Robin behind the counter, and you can then purchase additional upgrades for your farmhouse. We’ve listed the upgrades below, and included their cost, as well as the benefits that each upgrade gives.

Upgrade 1 – Costs 10,000g and 450 Wood. Adds a kitchen with a fridge, and a kitchen counter that allows you to cook. Also adds a bedroom onto the house, and upgrades the bed to a double bed, allowing you to get married. Learn more about marriage by checking out our guide on how to get married in Stardew Valley.

Upgrade 2 – Costs 50,000g and 150 Hardwood. Adds two new rooms onto the house. One room is empty, but the second room has a crib and two single beds. You’ll need this upgrade to start having children. The main bedroom and the kitchen also become larger.

Upgrade 3 – Costs 100,000g. Adds on a cellar under the house. The cellar can be used to store casks which allow you to age cheese and alcohol so you can sell them for more money.

How to Purchase New Farm Buildings in Stardew Valley

Farm buildings are important because they allow you to expand your farm, and create new opportunities for you to make money through. In order to build farm buildings, you must head north of town to the Carpenter’s Shop and speak with Robin. You can then pay Robin to build the farm buildings by acquiring the right amount of gold and materials. We’ve listed off each farm building, as well as its cost and what it does.

Barn – Houses 4 animals. Allows purchase of cows. Costs 6,000g, 350 Wood, and 150 Stone.

Big Barn – Houses 8 barn-dwelling animals, doubling your barn size. Also unlocks ability to purchase goats. Costs 12,000g, 450 Wood, and 200 Stone.

Deluxe Barn – Houses 12 animals, and unlocks purchase of sheep and pigs. Pigs are needed if you want to know how to make Truffle Oil. Costs 25,000g, 550 Wood, and 300 Stone.

Coop–Can house 4 coop dwelling animals. Allows purchase of chickens. Costs 4,000g, 300 Wood, and 100 Stone.

Big Coop – Can house up to 8 animals. Also, comes with an incubator. Allows purchase of ducks. Costs 10,000g, 400 Wood, and 150 Stone.

Deluxe Coop – Houses 12 animals, and unlocks rabbits for purchasing. Costs 20,000g, 500 Wood, and 200 Stone to build.

Silo – Allows the cutting and storing of grass for feed. Holds 240 pieces. Costs 100 Gold, 100 Stone, 10 Clay, and 5 Copper Bar.

Slime Hutch – Allows you to raise up to 20 Slimes. Costs 10,000g, 500 Stone, 10 Refined Quartz, and 1 Iridium Bar.

Stable – Allows you to keep and ride on a horse. Costs 10,000g, 100 Hardwood, and 5 Iron Bar.

Well – Provides a place to refill your watering can. Cost 1,000g and 75 Stone.

Mill – Lets you create flour from wheat, and sugar from beets. Costs 2,500g, 50 Stone, 150 Wood, and 4 Cloth to build.

Shed – An empty building that you can fill and decorate as you see fit. Costs 15,000g and 300 Wood.

That’s everything there is to know about upgrading your farmhouse and farm buildings in Stardew Valley. Remember to start saving up supplies early, and to visit Robin in the Carpenter Shop when you are ready to get started. To easily find the Carpenter Shop, head through the town from your farm, and look for the last path leading north. Head up to the next area to locate the massive house that holds Robin’s carpentry counter.

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