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How to Get Big Bloons in BTD6

Big bloons go boom

The whole point of Bloons TD6 is to pop up those big bad bloons endlessly. Or at least until you can’t handle them anymore. Monkeys usually won’t miss their targets, but you can make them bloons even bigger if you REALLY want to see them popping at once. Bigger bloons are available as an option after completing a certain task, and doing so is actually not that big of a deal! Here’s how to get Big Bloons in Bloons TD6.

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How to Unlock the Big Bloons Option in BTD6

Big Bloons is unlocked after completing 10 games using Pat Futsy as your selected Hero. This will grant you the Big Bloons secret achievement, which unlocks the option for turning your bloons into their extra-large versions in all game modes. The option is found in the Settings > Extra menu, alongside the other special visual changes such as Small Bloons or Small Monkeys.

Bloons TD6 Big Bloons Settings
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All of these extra options are obtained by completing certain secret achievements, which can be earned in time by just playing normally. For Big Bloons specifically, you need to buy Pat Futsy as a hero. Pat can be bought for $3000 Monkey Money at the Heroes shop after you get to Level 10, and costs $800 when in-game. Easy difficulty matches are accounted for unlocking the achievement.

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These options and bloons cosmetics (such as the googly eyes or hats) can be combined for even more chaos. And the chaos gets real when it starts to get harder to spot your own monkeys during this huge mess. But these changes are purely aesthetic, so the actual hitboxes won’t be changed. And as you’ll quickly notice, it might get annoying really fast despite being funny for a while.

I wouldn’t recommend sticking to this option when attempting to do harder challenges such as C.H.I.M.P.S games, but they are totally doable if you want to. And after unlocking them, you might wanna go for the other secret achievements in the game. There are quite a bunch of hidden tasks waiting for you to pop them in this game.

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