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All Secret Achievements in BTD6 Listed

Strangely specific ways of popping bloons for prizes

by Patrick Souza

There’s a lot to do in Bloons TD6 aside from popping bloons. You can freeze bloons, melt bloons, slash bloons, smash bloons… so many endless possibilities. And by doing a lot of that (and even more), you’ll gradually unlock Achievements. Not all of them are directly related to poppin’ bloons, but you’ll still need to pop them along the way.

Some of those Achievements are not visible at first, so it’s up to you to discover them by accident by simply leaving your monkeys on activity for a while repeatedly. Or you can just see how to get them right here below.

All Secret Achievements in BTD6 Listed

There’s a total of 12 Secret Achievements in Bloons TD6. When playing the game on Steam, each in-game achievement corresponds to a Steam Achievement with the same name. For some reason, two of the in-game Secret Achievements are not classified as Hidden on Steam, so they’re not as hidden on that platform.

Big Bloons

Description: Pat likes hugging big Bloons even more!

Win 10 Games using Pat Futsy as your hero. You can buy Pat for $3000 Monkey Money, and you can win games on Easy to farm this achievement quickly. Also unlocks the Big Bloons option on the Extras menu.

Alchermistman and Bloonacleboy

Description: You have it set to M for mini, when it should be W for wumbo

Buy a Bloon Master Alchemist (Final 3rd path upgrade for Alchemist Monkey) and deal 900,000+ damage in a single game before round 100 with it. Also unlocks the Small Bloons option on the Extras menu.

Josh’s Constant

Description: B-B-Beat any Expert Map on CHIMPS with $40,870 or more spent on 1 Spike Factory.

Self-explanatory. Dark Castle is a very popular map to get that one as there’s enough space for the spikes to do some work. The 0-2-5 Spike Factory costs your necessary amount to get the challenge, and you don’t need to buy it right away. Just make sure it’s there when you complete the level.

Strangely Adorable

Description: When the planets align ever so nicely

You’ll need to buy Adora for $5000 Monkey Money and unlock the There Can Only Be One Monkey Knowledge first. Select Adora as your hero and play around making a Vengeful True Sun God, the ultimate version of the 5-0-0 Super Monkey. Make sure it’s next to your Level 20 Adora when it ascends and she will ascend alongside it, also assuming her “Vengeful” form. 

Summoning the Vengeful True Sun God is quite complicated, so enter the challenge knowing what awaits you.

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Golden Ticket

Description: Bloompa-loompa-doompa-dee-doo!

In Candy Falls, you can click on certain locations to reveal hidden monkeys playing some musical tunes. Click on them in the following order to unlock the achievement.

Image via Prima Games

Leave the game at normal speed to make things easier, and if you didn’t hear a “failure” sound (you’ll know exactly how it sounds), you can claim your achievement after leaving the map. Also unlocks the Small Monkeys option on the Extras menu.

Mo Heroes, Mo Problems

Description: Complete an Odyssey without a Hero

Direct to the point, and not as hard to do as you may imagine. Just bring the right towers to your journey and you’re golden.

Chunky Monkeys

Description: I like ’em big, I like ’em chunkay

Win 10 games using only big monkeys. For heroes, only Pat Futsy and General Churchill count, but various regular monkeys are considered “big”. See the list below:

  • Monkey Buccaneer
  • Monkey Ace
  • Heli Pilot
  • Mortar Monkey
  • Super Monkey
  • Banana Farm
  • Monkey Village
  • Spike Factory
  • Cave Monkey

Also unlocks the Big Monkeys option on the Extras menu.

Stubborn Strategy

Description: Just because a thing can be done, does not mean that it should be done

Win 100 games in maps where you can remove obstacles without removing them. Also doable on Easy. Some popular maps for farming that one are Skates, Haunted, Rake and Bazaar.


Description: Complete a game in CHIMPS Difficulty with only 2 monkey towers

A quite difficult challenge, but very doable as some Monkeys (usually heroes) can even solo certain maps. If you ever buy a third tower, the challenge is over and you’ll need to start over.

Bill Greates

Description: Send $500,000 to an ally in co-op in one go

Another “easy” achievement. You need to gather $2,500,000 before sending that amount at once, though. Make use of money-generation towers such as Benjamin and Banana Farms.

Perfect Paragon

Description: Paragon of Paragons

Make a Level 100 Paragon. You need to use the hero Geraldo as he can provide you with the Paragon Power item which will increase your Paragon level when you create it. If you don’t wanna use him, the achievement is easy to obtain on Co-op if everyone agrees to set up the Paragon on the same Monkey (usually a Dart Monkey).

Not Lacking Critical Information

Description: Get 25,000 Critical hits

0-0-4 Dart Monkeys and 0-3-0 Super Monkeys will occasionally hit for critical damage. Keep building them in your games and eventually you’ll get the achievement.

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