How to Download and Play BTD6 on Netflix

How to Download and Play BTD6 on Netflix

Bloons and chill?

Bloons TD6, the popular tower defense mobile game with monkeys and balloons, was added to Netflix at the end of June 2023. Unfortunately, this is not another Netflix adaptation of a video game into a feature film or animation, but the actual game through an active Netflix subscription. Let’s see how to download the Bloons TD6 Netflix version and play it on your phone or tablet.

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How to Get and Play BTD6 via Netflix

First of all, you will need an active Netflix subscription, the cheapest one “Standard with ads” ($6.99) will do. Just keep in mind that the game will work for you as long as you have an active subscription to the service, once you stop paying for Netflix you won’t be able to access the game until your subscription is renewed.

If you have Netflix App installed on your iOS or Android phone or tablet, start it and log in with your Netflix account. In the search bar type “Bloons“. Select Bloons TD6 and tap on the GET GAME and at the bottom of the screen link to the App Store / Google Play Store will pop up, tap on it to get to the game’s page and start the download.

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If you want to be fancy you can also download the Netflix version of the game without the Netflix app, just go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for “Netflix games” or “Bloons Netflix” but you will still have to log in with your Netflix account when you start the game, and the search works much better through the app.

What’s the Difference Between BTD6 Netflix Version and the Regular One?

The biggest difference between the Netflix edition of BTD6 and the regular one is that the version you get via subscription does not have any in-app purchases. Apart from that, everything else is the same, the difference is in the Netflix logo that will appear when you start the game, as well as the fact that you need to log in with your Netflix account. The content, on the other hand, is identical to the last version of the regular BTD6, and the plan for it is to continue receiving updates at the same time – when there are any.

Many fans of BTD6 have eagerly anticipated the upcoming update, but to their surprise, a Netflix adaptation of the game was released instead. It remains to be seen if this will affect the progress of the update.

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