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How to Get and Use the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft (2023)

Don't be shellfish with the treasure.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Heart of the Sea

Players who need conduits have no doubt heard about the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft. The item allows players to gain buffs and a small light source when the item is placed in the center of a crafted conduit. To get one though, you’ll have a few hurdles to jump over.

Finding the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft will require players to explore some of the map that they have and utilize a secondary map in the process. In essence, you’ll have to think like a pirate to get the loot you want. Our guide will cover all the steps that must be taken to obtain the heart on your own.

Minecraft – How to Get the Heart of the Sea and Use it

To find the heart, you’ll need a Treasure Map, one of the three main Exploration Maps that players can pick up. Getting one of the maps is simple, but can only be done in a few different ways. Minecraft players can search for a sunken shipwreck, craft an exploration map at a cartography table, or buy a map from a village for a compass and emeralds.

Searching for a sunken ship can be the easiest as long as you have a dolphin to lead you there. Feeding a dolphin some raw cod will cause it to lead you to a sunken shipwreck or buried treasure. This is one of the only times that you’ll really find the buried treasure on its own, so make sure to use the dolphins when you can. That treasure could have the Heart of the Sea with fewer steps involved.

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Once you’ve obtained a Treasure Map, look for the “X” on the map just like any good Minecraft pirate would. These will lead to another buried treasure location if you couldn’t find any with the dolphin. With any luck, this chest will have the Heart of the Sea. Because it will likely be underwater, just watch your bubbles to ensure you don’t drown and lose your location.

With the Heart of the Sea in Hand, you can craft a conduit that has eight Nautilus Shells around the border and the heart placed in the center. When built correctly, the heart will float and give off some light. Now you have the extra Minecraft buff you were looking for and can move on with the next treasure hunt.

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