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How to Make Candles in Minecraft

Let there be light.

by Jesse Vitelli

Minecraft has near-endless recipes for players to craft and use. It can be tricky to remember how every resource is used to get the desired results. Luckily, we here at Prima are here to help and ensure you’re crafting and gathering suitable materials. Here’s how to make candles in Minecraft.

How to Make Candles in Minecraft

Candles only require two materials to make. You’ll need one string and one honeycomb to make a candle.

Once you have both of the required materials, you’ll need to open up your crafting table and put the string in the top middle row and the honeycomb in the second middle row. It should look like the string is directly above the honeycomb in the middle row. This will then provide you with one candle.

If you want to make more than one candle, you’ll obviously need more materials. So however much string and honeycomb you have is how many candles you’ll be able to make.

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If you’re having trouble finding and gathering honeycomb. You’ll need to make sure you have a pair of shears. You then can go on the hunt for a bee’s nest, which are typically found in plains, flower forest, and sunflower plains biomes. Walk up to the bee’s nest and use the shears to collect honeycomb from the nest. The honeycombs will shoot out after using the shears so make sure you pick them up before they disappear.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to make candles in Minecraft. You’re all set once you have the required materials and a crafting table. For more tips, tricks, and guides, take a look at Prima Games. We have plenty of helpful Minecraft guides, such as how to install shaders in Minecraft version 1.19.

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