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How Many Different Blocks are in Minecraft? – Answered

Variety is the spice of mining.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Minecraft Blocks

Whether it’s building blocks, dirt blocks, or transportation blocks, one thing is sure: Minecraft is full of different blocks of all kinds. Considering the game has been around since 2011, the library of blocks continues to grow as Mojang adds additional updates to the world.

With so many years of updates and blocks within the game, it can be hard to track how many different versions actually exist or can be used. Not only is there no number given in-game, but what dictates a block can also change depending on the definition. In this guide, we’ll go over the estimates for how many different blocks exist in Minecraft 2023.

Minecraft – How Many Different Blocks are There?

At this point in the Minecraft life cycle, there are easily hundreds of different blocks that can be used to build and decorate the land. We could even go a step further and say that there are nearly 1,000 blocks that players can use. Most estimates have the different blocks count at 820 in total.

Other estimates that are more conservative have the amount set around 700 different blocks in Minecraft. Decoration and Building blocks seem easy to classify within the game, but not everyone agrees on which Transportation blocks or Redstone blocks might sit in the same category.

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As more updates continue to release for the pixelated classic, the number will surely reach 1,000, regardless of the conservative estimates. With mods, that amount can go way further, so it’s pointless to measure those blocks in this guide, especially when the player base is so heavy on console as well.

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