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How to Make a Map in Minecraft

Make a massive map wall to impress everyone you know

by Madison Benson
How to Make a Map in Minecraft

With how large Minecraft worlds are and how long they take to explore, we often find ourselves getting lost in the scenery. In times like this, maps are great for tracking where we’ve visited, important features in a chunk, and for making cool-looking wall decorations. While you can find maps in shipwrecks and cartographer chests, did you know you can also craft them? If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to make a map in Minecraft.

How to Make a Map in Minecraft

Before making a map, you’ll have to get your hands on a compass and some paper! You can make paper using sugarcane, while a compass requires four iron ingots and redstone dust. With your compass and paper on hand, place the compass in the center of your crafting table and surround it with eight pieces of paper. Doing this will give you one empty map you’ll have to hold and interact with to activate. If you’re playing Bedrock Edition, you can make a version of this without the compass, replacing it with a ninth piece of paper.

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Another option for making a map is to place one piece of paper in a cartography table. While this requires fewer resources, you’ll need access to the cartography table, which you can either find in a village or make using two paper and four planks.

Alongside creating your own maps, you can also find some in shipwreck chests, stronghold chests, and by trading with cartographer villagers.

How to Use a Map in Minecraft

With your map in hand, interact with it to open it on your screen, showing where you’re located within the chunk. As you travel around, foggy areas of the map will reveal themselves, allowing you to see where you’ve been and your surroundings. You can either use the map as a guide for following your footsteps or place it in an item frame on your wall, creating a one-block-wide display. If you place multiple maps beside each other, you can make larger and larger connected pictures.

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