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Minecraft Bedrock 1.19: Best Y Level for Diamonds

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by Patrick Souza
How to Find Diamond Minecraft

Diamonds are essential for any player striving to survive in their Minecraft world. As one of the most resistant materials available, crafting armor and weapons with it is the endgame goal as they can deal with basically anything you might face. And as expected, they’re not as easy to find as your everyday ore, so here are the best Y levels you’ll need to reach to mine for Diamonds in the latest Minecraft Bedrock version.

The Best Y Levels for Diamond in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19

If you’re lucky enough, Diamond Ores can be found at any Y level ranging from Y=14 to Y=-63, and the lower you go, the more chances you have to find them. Your best bet is to hang around Y=-53 and Y=-59 for reliable Diamond Ore mining. 

Higher levels may yield you fewer ores, while lower levels can be harder to walk by due to lava, and Y=-64 is just Bedrock (the block, not the edition), so it’s literally impossible to get past that as it cannot be broken with any tool.

Diamond Ores are hard to get for two reasons. First, they only spawn (with a low chance) in the deeper levels above the ground, usually next to lava or water, but they’ll have a lower spawning chance if nearby blocks are exposed to air. This naturally makes them hard to reach. 

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Second, they must be mined with either Iron or Diamond pickaxes. If you try to get them with weaker tools, not only it will take you an eternity as the block will just disappear after you manage to break it. As they’re hard to come by, just stick to the Iron tools until you have a sizeable amount of Diamonds to always replace your armor and tools.

That’s all you need to know about mining Diamonds in Minecraft. Make sure to keep scrolling through Prima Games to get more tips and tricks about how to make your perfect world. Here’s how you can breed Axolotls.

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