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How to Get a Ghillie Suit in COD Modern Warfare 2

All ghillied up.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Ghillie Suit

Whether you’re sniping at a distance or you’re attempting to use a stealthy class setup, the classic ghillie suit can always come in clutch. You’ve likely seen a couple of these growth-covered operators running around in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and now you want to join them.

As we get closer to Season 2 of MW2, the collection of ghillie suits in the game continues to grow, and there are a few different versions that players can get their hands on. We’ll go over how you can get a suit for yourself and why these outfits may seem so rare.

COD Modern Warfare 2 – How to Get a Ghillie Suit

At the time of this writing, there are only two ways to use a ghillie suit in Modern Warfare 2. Both methods require a purchase of some kind, so be prepared to dish out some cash if you want to blend in that bad. There are at least two different store bundles that players can purchase in rotation. One is called Overgrown 2 and will provide players with an overgrown suit for Konig.

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The second bundle is based around Gaz after his introduction to the Spec Ops raid mode. Players can buy the Operator bundle and complete the quests included to unlock different skins for the Gaz Operator, including the ghillie suit. Either store bundle is a valid option if you just want the camo.

For some lucky players, there is also a ghillie suit tied to Jack Links codes from when Modern Warfare 2 launched back in October 2022. Some codes still exist on websites like eBay, but they’ll continue to get more expensive as time goes on. With any luck, we’ll get a ghillie suit in the Season 2 Battle Pass. For now, though, we have to rely on direct purchases to blend in.

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