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How to Get a Foreign Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Acceptez-vous l'échange?

by Patrick Souza
Foreign Ditto Scarlet and Violet

Magic happens when Pokemon from two different languages get together. Who would’ve imagined that two lovers set a thousand miles apart would someday pair with each other and have their own children? It’s no surprise to learn that said children are also special, being products from such a unique bonding.

Whenever you breed Pokemons from separate languages, such as a Japanese Pokemon with a French one, the chances for their offspring to be Shiny are dramatically increased. This is called the Masuda Method, and it is the main reason people look for their own foreign Dittos. The Transform Pokemon is infamous for being able to breed with any other species, leading it to become a personal love machine for trainers all around the world. 

And since everybody loves Shinies, the community has found a very innovative way to help everyone to get their own purple blob that speaks a different language. Here’s how you can get a Foreign Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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How to obtain a Foreign Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The usual way for getting these Dittos would be meeting foreigns and offering them to trade your regional Dittos. But eww, socializing. Who in their sane mind would want to do that?! Luckily, there’s an easier way through Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Link Trade system.

Link Trade allows players to access a specific trade channel through the use of a code that will directly connect them to others using the same code. There’s a channel dedicated to trading Dittos all around the world, and that’s the quickest way for getting a foreign Ditto.

Make sure you’re connected to the internet and open up the Poke Portal in the Menu. Select Link Trade and enter the Link Code for the channel: 4448 4448. It can’t get simpler than that.

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It will not take long for you to find a trade partner offering their own breeder-to-be in exchange for another, so be gentle and offer your own Ditto in return. Take a look here if you don’t know where to catch one.

And as you can probably guess just by looking at our header, any different language will work. Take a look at the Pokemon’s Summary screen to make sure it originated from a different region. If you see something like JPN or FRE beside its name, you’re ready for breeding. It’s time to force that Ditto to mindlessly have dozens of children just so you can get a different colored one!

Do you need a different region or different language foreign Ditto?

An overlooked detail is that for the Masuda Method to work, Ditto and the other Pokemon simply need to have originated in games with different languages. If you happen to be playing a Japanese copy somewhere in Europe, you can trade with your friend who owns a European version of Scarlet or Violet and the method will work as usual.

Pokemon games are available in Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Korean. Just make sure the Ditto you found through Link Trade belongs to a different region from yours to almost guarantee your own Shiny! Kind of, because your chances are still pretty slim. But anything helps when it comes to Shinies.