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How to Fix MW2 Travis-Rilea Error Code

What a bizarre error code name.

by Shawn Robinson
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Soldier

Call of Duty: MW2, as with any online game’s launch, continues to find itself marred by technical problems. It’s a Call of Duty game for one, which tends to spell technical problems left, right, and center. On top of that though, this launch also included the franchise’s relaunch on Steam which brought even more problems. Another in a long list of issues is the Travis-Rilea error code, which seems to be coming up for a whole host of MW2 players. Here’s what you can do to fix it.

What is the Travis-Rilea Error in MW2?

To put it simply, the Travis-Rilea error code will come up when the network connection between both your platform and the Call of Duty servers fails. This can happen for any number of reasons but tends to happen when either the Call of Duty servers or your internet connection is having trouble. The first thing that should be done upon seeing this code is to head over to the social media channels for Call of Duty, Infinity Ward, and any applicable support places. If there’s an issue on the team’s end, they’ll likely have posted about it and, unless otherwise stated, there’s not much you can do besides waiting for a fix.

If there isn’t a post though, it likely means it’s an issue related to your network connection and you’ll need to do some troubleshooting. The first and most obvious solution is to restart your platform of choice, which can rarely work if your platform booted up improperly for one reason or another. Following that would be a restart of your router, which tends to need a quick restart every few weeks or months. If neither of those works, different network fixes like setting your NAT type to open or changing between wired and wi-fi connections could also yield better results.

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While none of these fixes are guaranteed, we hope at least one of them does remedy the issue for you. If not, then you at least know it’s a network-based issue and can go from there.