MW2 DMZ The Haunting Event: All Soul Capture Rewards Listed

All rewards for soul capturing listed.

The Haunting brings us new rewards and unlockables that we can earn by spending the souls we capture. The first two tiers are available immediately, with the third tier unlocking on October 24.

Rewards for Stealing Souls and How Many Souls They Cost in MW2 DMZ

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  • Gone Batty (Weapon Sticker) – 15 Souls
  • Join Me (Loading Screen) – 15 Souls
  • Skullfied (Calling Card) – 30 Souls
  • Double Weapon XP Token (1 Hour) – 30 Souls
  • Double Weapon XP Token (30 Minutes) – 30 Souls
  • Bad Luck? (Weapon Charm) – 30 Souls
  • Bit Corny (Weapon Charm) – 60 Souls
  • Carved Up (Weapon Sticker) – 60 Souls
  • Creature Copter (Vehicle Skin) – 90 Souls
  • Tier Skip – 90 Souls
  • Alien Death Ray (Handgun Blueprint) – 150 Souls
  • Violent End (SMG Blueprint) – 150 Souls
  • Coming October 24, the next tier of event rewards will unlock, allowing us to get even more new items from soul-catching.

Grinding souls takes time and patience, but once we unlock 10 of these items, we reach mastery level one and get a new operator skin for Roze. After tier three opens up, we can rip through those and reach mastery level 2 by unlocking 15 items, which gives us another operator skin, this time for K├Ânig. Unlike the previous events, you no longer have to upload or otherwise save the souls before exiling. This helps out quite a bit with the grinding. Especially given how hot some of the boss areas can get during the game. Having the ability to just jump on an exfil bird and escape will allow an easier time getting souls.

To unlock all of these rewards, we are likely going to need to farm quite a bit of souls. There are a lot of good ways to steal souls. The most efficient way to get these souls is explained more in-depth here.

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