MW2 DMZ The Haunting Event: How to Get Souls and Why

The how and why of soul collecting in MW2 DMZ The Haunting Event

The gateway between Hell and Earth has been ripped open and the beings from the other side are spilling out, and it’s our mission to stop the flow of demons and undead from coming to Earth. The job is simple: kill the bad guys, and return their souls to the underworld.

Collecting Souls – The How

Souls are fairly easy to come across as quite a few enemies will drop their souls when you kill them. I have found that headshots trigger the soul drop more often. However, there are more ways to get souls. Every orange box has at least one soul in it, so heading to the Ghost Train would be a lucrative place to farm souls as there are several orange boxes on the train. Heading over to the marsh we can farm more souls by killing the undead coming up from the water. While they tend to be armored, they drop several souls each. Each of The Haunting bosses is a great place to farm souls while also completing the event goals. Finally, if we run into other operators and kill them, they will drop several souls. Keep in mind you can only collect 16 souls per match.

Grabbing Souls – The Why

After battling the undead and other operators, we have 16 souls and are full. Now what? Exfil. Let’s get out of the DMZ and store the souls we have. Souls that we exfil with are redeemable for new rewards. Once we are back at the main screen, we can scroll over to The Haunting event page, and open the rewards menu. Here we can sell the souls we have captured for new gear and skins. Before spending any of your souls, take a look at all the rewards that await you.

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