3 Fun Features to Look for in Modern Warfare 2 DMZ The Haunting

Fun features for The Haunting

Every new season, we get cool new features and unlockables from MW2, and this season is one of the coolest so far with The Haunting, an event for Halloween, and to wrap up the last season of MW2 before the latest drop of Modern Warfare 3.

The Haunting DMZ New Features

While there are tons of cool things to find and explore in The Haunting, there are a few that stuck out to me specifically that aren’t just interesting but actually serve a purpose as well. One of the main objectives in DMZ is looting, and now, in The Haunting, we also have to steal souls that we can use to unlock new gear. We always listen for the sounds of unopened loot boxes, but you may notice a unique sound this season.

The Moans of the Dead – Ghosts in The Haunting

As you explore the DMZ, listen for ghostly sounds. As we get close to one, it’ll get louder. Looking around, a small blue aura will appear. A lost soul trying to find its way home. What do we do? Shoot it, of course. I mean, we are in the DMZ, after all. A quick burst of rounds and it’s gone, dropping its soul for us to harvest.

What’s Halloween Without Some Scares?

As we loot boxes, occasionally, we will open one that has a demon in it who is angry and wants out in a bad way. As the lid comes up, they come out screaming, filling your screen with their twisted and disturbing face. The jump scares in the DMZ are intense and a fun feature for The Haunting. Every prominent location on the map has a different kind of demon to release, and once you clear all five locations, you complete a piece of The Haunting Event.

The Heads of the Undead – Look for Red

The biggest feature of The Haunting is the bosses we can fight and defeat. There are several to get through, and each one drops some special gear and completes a piece of the event. Beating each boss takes a different approach, and it can get pretty in-depth.

The End is Near – Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the cool features we can find in The Haunting in the DMZ, but these details, in my opinion, go above and beyond what we usually expect from the event because they serve a greater purpose. Whether it’s dropping souls for us to spend, or unlocking pieces of The Haunting Event, definitely work your way through these.

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