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Khulan Boss Fight The First Descendant
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How to Finish the Destroy The Ironheart Mission in The First Descendant

Ready for the hardest duty?

The First Descendant’s level design throws you to different areas with a final Duty of the Descendant mission at the end of each region. The Fortress region is the last area on Normal difficulty, which signifies the end of the campaign. The final duty is called “Heart of the Fortress,” and you have to complete it to finish the Destroy the Ironheart Mission in The First Descendant. This guide will go through the two challenging bosses, Khulan and Enhanced Greg Clone, who are the two strongest bosses in normal mode.

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How to Complete the Heart of the Fortress Operation in The First Descendant

To make things easier, use public operations so you can finish the mission with other players. It is much easier because the enemies will have different targets, and you can revive other players when someone makes mistakes.

The Heart of the Fortress starts with an elimination objective. Go through the objectives and collect as much ammo as possible, as you will need it.

After going through the objectives, you’ll face your first challenge. A Genetically Enhanced Greg Clone will spawn, and you have to beat it to progress through the second phase of the mission.

How to Beat Genetically Enhanced Greg Clone in The First Descendant

The Genetically Enhanced Greg Clone has one deadly attack. The boss calls down a homing orbital strike that targets every player. Initially, there’s almost a five-second window before the orbital strike lands, but since it follows the player, you must constantly run and dodge.

If you go full sprint without hitting any obstacle, the orbital strike will always be missed. However, if you are playing with other players and everyone is running, you might hit them, and both of your sprints will cancel, making the orbital strike land on both players. The damage exceeds 80%+ depending on your Max HP, Def, and other defensive stats.

If there’s an Ajax player, he can throw a bubble to absorb a few strikes. Once the fight is prolonged, the timing of the orbital strike differs. The Greg Clone will launch two consecutive orbital strikes on each player that explodes after two seconds. Players will often get thrown off by the new timing, and this phase usually coincides with the boss’s immunity phase.

Some players will get knocked down, but the trick is not to revive them immediately. You have to wait until the orbital strikes are finished. Because when you start to revive someone while the orbital strike is being launched, both of you might get hit simultaneously.

You can take all the time you want to learn the boss as it is happening. When the boss starts its immune phase, balls will float above him. You don’t have to destroy the balls in a specific order like the Alternate Hand of Nazeistra fight. You have to destroy them in a specific time window before the other balls respawn.

If you take too much time, you might run out of ammo. Surprisingly, the boss didn’t spawn other enemies, so my party couldn’t replenish our ammo. It could be a bug, but it is worth noting.

How to Beat Khulan the Honorable Birth in The First Descendant

After the Greg Clone fight, you’ll go through some hacking objectives and eventually reach one big stage at the heart of the Fortress. You have to stay in the middle, and enemies will start spawning. After defeating a few waves, Khulan, the Honorable Birth, will join the fight.

This boss is unlike any other boss you have encountered in the game. Khulan is a melee enemy that constantly runs toward targets and slashes through them. He runs fast, but his attacks are easy to dodge. However, multiple mechanics are going around at once.

First, there are dark circular pools that spawn around the stage. Stepping on them will cause damage over time, so you must dodge these pools when running around.

Second, Khulan spawns a clone of himself to attack one of the quadrants of the arena. You can roll away from it once you see it spawn.

Third, Khulan does a jumping strike on each party member, but not simultaneously. If you see someone get jumped on by Khulan, expect the next try to go to the other team member or you. Running from the attack will be hard, so you want to roll or grapple away. If you get hit, it may take more than half of your HP, including shields.

After familiarizing yourself with these attacks, you must go through the boss’s immune phase. This phase differs from other bosses because Khulan spawns a diamond-like object around the stage. It goes from one quadrant of the stage to the other, so you’ll have to run around and chase it. Once you get these mechanics down, you should be able to beat Khulan in no time.

If you are still having a hard time, you should try the following to strengthen your Descendant:

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