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How to Find the Secret Room with Torrona’s Box in Abyss Foscari in Vampire Survivors DLC


Tides of Foscari DLC for Vampire Survivors has a few secret entrances and passages that you can find, but the one that sticks out the most is in the Abyss Foscari level, where you can see the Empty Tome and Torrona’s Box, but you seemingly cannot find a way to get it, unless you use Arcana VIII – Mad Groove. Prima Games has found the secret passage and we’re here to tell you where. Totally don’t tell anyone!

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How to Enter the Secret Room in Abyss Foscari in Vampire Survivors DLC

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It’s actually pretty darn easy when you think of it, if you have unlocked Sammy. There’s a fake wall through which you can go through.

In order to unlock this part of the map at the Abyss Foscari stage you will need to Break the Seal of the Abyss. After that, it’s easy, here’s a screenshot of the Location plus the map so that you can orient yourself.

You need to search for the “fake wall” and push through it. Just align yourself with the Empty Tome and push in, and you will need to walk over a bridge in order to reach the hidden chamber.

How to Farm Golden Eggs on Abyss Foscari in Vampire Survivors DLC

Be very, very aware, around the Torrona’s Box. In this chamber, there are a lot of those pesky mini guardians that you could have seen on Cappella Magna near the end of your 30-minute runs. Make sure to do this with a powerful character that can fend them off. And of course, there are spoils to be had in this chamber, each of these mini-guardians drops a Golden Egg.

That’s all for this guide, everyone. Check out our Vampire Survivors Tides of the Foscari DLC for more guides. We hope you’ll enjoy this lovely DLC as much as we did. Unless something new comes up, this is the final guide for this DLC. Thank you poncle for this experience!

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