How to Find the Missing Swadloon in Southern Ruins in Detective Pikachu Returns

It's cold out there.

Screenshot of Swadloon in Detective Pikachu Returns.
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As you explore the Southern Ruins during The Fabled Aurora case in Detective Pikachu Returns, you’ll find a frantic Leavanny looking for her two lost children. Here’s where to find the missing Swadloon in Detective Pikachu 2.


This guide contains spoilers for The Fabled Aurora case in Detective Pikachu Returns. Continue reading at your own risk.

Missing Swadloon Locations in Detective Pikachu 2

There’s a mysterious snowfall going on in the Southern Ruins, and Leavanny is worried about her two children. She asks you to find them and give them some warm clothes she made so that they don’t freeze.

Swadloon #1 Exact Location

The first Swadloon is relatively easy to find, especially in comparison to the second. From the Leavanny’s location, head up the dirt hill. Once you’re at the top, walk left until you see a second dirt hill and an archway.

Go through the arch and up the hill to reach the ruins. Look to the left side of the door, and you’ll see the Swadloon to the right of a tree with no Berries on it. Interact with the Pokemon to give it the warm clothing and send it back to its mother.

Swadloon #2 Exact Location

For the second Swadloon, you’ll need to progress the story until you enter the Southern Ruins itself. Once you reach the room with the Aegislash door and the three Passimian statues, look to the right, and you’ll see the Pokemon in front of a wall with a brazier on it.

Like before, speak to the Swadloon to give it the warm clothes and send it back to the Leavanny.

With both Swadloon found, return to Leavanny to complete the Local Concern.

Do You Get a Reward for Finding the Missing Swadloon in Detective Pikachu Returns?

While a reward for the hard work would be nice, you don’t get anything in return for finding Leavanny’s lost children. You do get to sleep easy knowing you reunited a mother and her kids, though.

If you want to continue helping out, another Local Concern in the Southern Ruins has you answering three questions for the Quiz Professor.

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