Detective Pikachu Returns: All Quiz Professor Answers & Pokemon Locations in Southern Ruins

Three more questions...

Screenshot of the Quiz Professor in Detective Pikachu Returns.
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Just like in Serenity Park in The Missing Jewel, the Quiz Professor has another set of questions for you in the Southern Ruins in The Fabled Aurora in Detective Pikachu Returns. Here’s how to answer them all correctly, including the exact locations of the Pokemon you need to find in Detective Pikachu 2.

All Quiz Professor Answers & Exact Pokemon Locations in Southern Ruins in Detective Pikachu 2

The Quiz Professor has three questions for you to answer. And like before, just supplying her with the correct answers isn’t enough – you must go out and track down the corresponding Pokemon, too. Here’s how to answer her correctly and find the Pokemon:

Question #1: “What Winged Pokemon Has a Round Body and Adorable Eyes?” – Rowlet Location

The first question that the Quiz Professor asks is, “What winged Pokemon has a round body and adorable eyes?” Many Pokemon may come to mind, such as Marill or Spheal, but the answer is Gen 8 starter Pokemon, Rowlet.

To find Rowlet, head left of the Quiz Professor’s location and then down a dirt hill, where you’ll spot a Leavanny. Go left from here, and you’ll see Rowlet perched on a rock by a Charjabug.

Return to the Quiz Professor to complete her first question. Time for question two!

Question #2: “What Pokemon Has a Blocky Body, Impressive Jaws, and Will Shock You if You Touch It?” – Charjabug Location

For question two, the Quiz Professor asks, “What Pokemon has a blocky body, impressive jaws, and will shock you if you touch it?” I’ll be honest: the first Pokemon that came to mind was Garganacl because it looks like it’s made up of Minecraft blocks, but then I realized it’s not Electric-type and can’t shock anyone. You’re actually looking for a Charjabug here.

Remember the Charjabug on the ground next to the Rowlet you found in question one? That’s who you need to find. If you need a reminder, head left of the Quiz Professor and then down the hill. Once at the bottom, turn left and keep walking, where you’ll find the Charjabug.

Talk to the Quiz Professor to give her the correct answer and move onto her third and final question.

Question #3: “What Pokemon is Soft and Fluffy All Over?” – Eldegoss Location

The Quiz Professor asks you the following for her final question: “What Pokemon is soft and fluffy all over?” There are many fluffy Pokemon in the National Pokedex, so don’t worry if this leaves you stumped – my mind went to Altaria or Whimsicott at first. The answer is Gen 8’s fluffster, Eldegoss.

To find the Eldegoss, walk left of the Quiz Professor until you reach a stone archway and a dirt hill leading up to the ruins. Instead of going up the path, continue left, where you’ll spot the Pokemon to the left of a tree with no Berries on.

Head back and hand in your answer to finish her Local Concern.

Do You Get a Reward For Answering All the Quiz Professor’s Questions in Southern Ruins?

Just like in The Missing Jewel, you get no reward for answering every Quiz Professor question correctly. All this hard work for nothing! Unless you like the emotional satisfaction of it, I guess.

If you missed out on answering the Quiz Professor’s questions in the Southern Ruins, you can use Detective Pikachu Returns’ Story Jump Mode to revisit The Fabled Aurora and test your knowledge.

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