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How to Find Orochimario in Mt. Moonspell in Vampire Survivors Legacy of the Moonspell

Most of you will randomly kill it without even knowing lol

by Nikola L

Well, suppose you haven’t randomly found and killed Orochimario so far. In that case, Prima Games is here to help you find and eliminate Orochimario so that you can unlock Hyper Mode for Mt. Moonspell. It’s not a complicated task, and you will undoubtedly use Hyper Mode to speed up some of the other unlocks we have written about earlier.

How to Defeat Orochimario in Mt. Moonspell in Vampire Survivors Legacy of the Moonspell

If you have a big character that’s egged up massively, or if you have Queen Sigma, you will probably kill Orochimario in a great mass of enemies without even seeing what the heck is going on on your screen. However, if you have a weaker character, you are in for it big time. So, we have done our best to defeat Orochimario with a more casual character, and we are reporting our findings.

Orochimario spawns itself at 25:00 on Mt. Moonspell. It doesn’t matter where you are located. It’s coming for you, and it’s coming with a vengeance with its many eyes. Have a look at this hydra-like creature with many heads below:

Screenshot by Prima Games

Orochimario has both long-ranged and close-ranged attacks. It can also attack from outside your screen, which is scary.
Naturally, you need to behead this vile beast, one head at a time, by inflicting insane amounts of damage while dodging these attacks. The attacks send out a warning (similar to Gallo Tower stuff, where you get an exclamation mark and a sound warning), and they are also visually predictable when one of the heads prepares to take a bite at you. What’s one silly multi-headed dragon snake when we already are Vampire Survivors?

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To defeat Orochimario, you need to be somewhat tanky for when you cannot dodge the attacks, and you need to be able to shell out a lot of damage; there’s no infinite wisdom on this matter, really, most of the homework is done in the character selection (and building up of the said character) and choosing the most powerful weapons that you possibly can, along with great passives. If you have a big character, as mentioned at the start, you might not even know you’ve defeated it.

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