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How to Find Jackdaw’s Head in Hogwarts Legacy

What is going on in Gryffindor

by Madison Benson
Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw Head

At the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy’s story, you’re introduced to the school, travel to Hogsmeade and start unraveling the secrets of ancient magic. You’ll also hear information about Ranrok and Rookwood’s interest in this, but at first, your main objective is to retrieve Jackdaw’s book and its missing pages, which requires you to go on a small excursion to find him.

For Gryffindor students, this involves finding rotten beef, chatting with ghosts, and participating in a pumpkin minigame. Things get wild here. If you’d like to learn more, continue reading to discover how to find Jackdaw’s Head during the Headless Hunt pumpkin minigame in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to Find Jackdaw’s Head in Hogwarts Legacy

After you hunt for rotten roast beef, you’ll have multiple chats with Nearly Headless Nick, Sir Patrik Delaney-Podmore, and Sir Nestor Amset. You’ll hear all about Jackdaw and even find out you can talk to him now. Or, well, you can speak to him once you locate his head in the nearby pumpkin patch. With this, you’ll start a minigame involving smashing pumpkins five times and watching ghosts fly around everywhere.

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The objective of the Headless Hunt is to run around the nearby pumpkin patch and search for shaking pumpkins. A shaking pumpkin indicates that Jackdaw is hiding inside, counting toward the score in the corner of your screen. Once you break one of these pumpkins, the ghost will fly out and choose another to hide in, allowing you to repeat this until you get five.

There is a way to make this far easier for yourself, though. The secret? Revelio!

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw Head Pumpkin Minigame
Instantly reveal the correct pumpkin!

Rather than revealing every pumpkin on the field, Revelio will only show the shaking pumpkin you must break. Once you use it, it’ll glow blue, allowing you to pinpoint where Jackdaw is hiding. You can create a rhythm here: use Revelio, break the pumpkin, rinse, and repeat until you get all five.

Once you finish the minigame, you’ll chat with Richard Jackdaw, initiating his quest line. From here, the story progresses like usual!

Hogwarts Legacy is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch through the official website. If you want to learn more about the game, check out All Battle Arena Locations in Hogwarts Legacy and How to Win the House Cup in Hogwarts Legacy.

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