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All Battle Arena Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Put your spells to the test.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Battle Arenas

Battle Arenas are one of the best ways to test your combat skills in Hogwarts Legacy, and they also happen to be one of the rarest encounters in the game. Each one gives you five rounds full of waves of enemies that have no mercy and will throw everything they have at you.

These arenas are incredibly limited, and the number gets even smaller if you do not have the pre-order DLC bonus. We know some of you are attempting all the trophies in Hogwarts Legacy, or you just want a good fight, and we have you covered with all the Battle Arena locations.

Hogwarts Legacy – All Battle Arena Locations

There are three different arenas that you could take on in the game if you had pre-ordered or have downloaded the Dark Arts DLC. Without the bonus DLC, there are only two different arenas that must be completed if you want the Rise to the Challenge trophy in Hogwarts Legacy. Below you can find all three locations.

Battle Arena Locations:

  • North Ford Bog – Located in the far northeast of the bog, almost reaching the corner of the map.
  • Feldcroft – Located on the southern tip of Feldcroft where the land curves on the coast.
  • Forbidden Forest (DLC) – Located west of Hogsmeade within the forest, just under some tower ruins.

When you reach any of these locations, you will need to destroy all the vases in the area. Using Revelio will highlight all the vases in blue and you can break them all with one standard cast. Destroying them all will allow a shrine to appear that you can use to start the Battle Arenas in Hogwarts Legacy. In the Forbidden Forest arena, you will also get all of the Forbidden Curses for the duration of the fight, so it is different than the other two. Do not expect the base versions to be so easy.

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