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How to Find and Defeat the Sandstone Golem in Diablo Immortal

by Nikola Pajtic

The world of Diablo Immortal is filled with various enemies, and the Sandstone Golem is just one of them. Here is how to find and beat Sandstone Golem in Diablo Immortal. 

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How to Locate Sandstone Golem in Diablo Immortal 

Sandstone Golem isn’t waiting for you at a certain location. You will have to perform a few tasks before you are able to summon – yes, summon – the Sandstone Golem. 

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  1. The first thing you need to do is go to go to the Library of Zoltun Kulle. The area isn’t available until you’re at least level 35.
  2. When you get there, collect five lost tome pages scattered through the library. 
  3. After you find all of the lost tomes, combine them into one Portal Tome. 
  4. Once the portal opens, you will be able to enter through it and into the Kulle’s Secret Chamber.
  5. Summon Sandstone Golem, which will spawn in the northeast part of the map above the Chaos Engine, across the bridge. 
  6. Note that there is a chance that the Sandstone Golem won’t be there as spawns are pretty random, but keep trying.

How to Beat Sandstone Golem in Diablo Immortal

Now that you have successfully summoned this fearsome enemy, it is time for battle. 

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Like any other major bosses in Diablo Immortal, try to stay as mobile as possible, avoid attacks, and spam your most powerful moves. You can always bring a group of players with you to get this badass boss down easier.

Sandstone Golem Rewards

Once you defeat this gigantic demon-spawn monster, it will give you two or three random items, 6 Enchanted Dust, and Experience Orbs. 

When you kill the Golem for the first time, it will drop the Guilt of the Nameless Horadic Vessel. This item can then be taken to the Legacy of the Horadrim for +18 Resistance. 

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