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How to Find and Kill Officer Hagan in Diablo Immortal

by Nikola Pajtic

Diablo Immortal is the latest title in Blizzard Entertainment’s long-running demon-slaying and space-exploring franchise. Originally designed for mobile devices, there are a bunch of new bosses and enemies to kill. Officer Hagan is just one of them and also one of the strongest, so be sure to follow our guide to learn how to find and slay Officer Hagan in Diablo Immortal easily.

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Diablo Immortal: Officer Hagan Location Guide

First, you need to travel to Ashworld Cemetary where you will acquire the ‘Kill Officer Hagan’ side quest. Because it is not a part of the main storyline, many players miss out on Officer Hagan and the gear and resources he drops.

You will find Officer Hagan if you travel to the Mad King’s Breach Waypoint, located in the north part of the Ashworld Manor.

Once you exit the waypoint, take the steps down to where the boss spawns. However, prepare to wait a while if needed since Officer Hagan’s respawn timer isn’t the shortest. Nevertheless, you won’t just stand there and do nothing since there are a plethora of enemies from worms, hounds, and guards to kill before he makes an appearance.

How to Beat Officer Hagan in Diablo Immortal

This monstrous shieldbearer has some unique moves and attacks. He charges at you with his sword and shield and also has a few casting spells up his sleeve, including walls, fireballs, electric orbs, and more.

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Keep moving around, trying to avoid whatever he throws at you and attack him with everything you got, no matter what class you are. If you are having trouble defeating Officer Hagan, you can always call for help. He is a world boss, so anyone who feels like joining a party can be of assistance. Don’t worry; there are enough rewards for everyone.
Moreover, you can even join someone else’s fight and share rewards.

Now that you know where to find and how to kill Officer Hagan, reduce the strong opponent to pieces. Good luck!

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