How to Find and Beat Jetragon in Palworld

Conquer the Celestial Dragon

On Mount Obsidian, a dragon shaped like a jet waits for a worthy challenger. Here’s how to find and beat Jetragon in Palworld.

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How to Find and Beat Jetragon in Palworld

If you’re trying to complete your Paldeck, or capture the strongest Pals, then Jetragon’s on your hit list. Here’s how to find and defeat Jetragon, the Legendary Celestial Dragon.

Finding Jetragon is simple enough. Head to the furthest western portion of the map, into the lava-strewn Ruined Fortress City of Mount Obsidian, which aptly has the Ruined Fortress City waypoint outside of its walls. Climb over the massive wall separating the ruined city from the lava fields.

The best way to do this is to have an upgraded Grappling Gun. The Giga Grappling Gun, which you can purchase and upgrade in the Technology menu in the Ancient Technology section, makes it easy to breeze through all these climbing obstacles.

Once you’re in the lava field it’s a straight shot to Jetragon. Follow the path and be wary of all the magma rivers, which will give you some pretty significant burn damage if you get too close.

How to Beat Jetragon in Palworld

Before starting the fight, here’s the recommended equipment.

Recommended Equipment:

  • 15 Legendary Spheres – Unlocked at level 44. Requires Assembly Line II. The more the better.
  • Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor – Unlocked at level 48. Requires Production Assembly Line II.
  • Pal Metal Helm – Unlocked at level 46. Requires Production Assembly Line II.
  • Hyper Shield – Unlocked at level 43. Requires Production Assembly Line II.
  • Rocket Launcher – Unlocked at level 49. Requires Weapon Assembly II.
  • Assault Rifle – Unlocked at level 45. Requires Production Assembly line II.

Recommended Foods:

  • Mozzarina Cheeseburger: Increase attack by +20%
  • Eikthyrdeer Stew: Increase Defense by +20%.

Recommended Pals:

  • Frostallion
  • Vanwyrm Cryst
  • Blazamut
  • Jormuntide / Jormuntide Ignis
  • Grizzbolt (with saddle)

The best Ice type, which is super effective against Dragon, is easily Frostallion. Frostallion can be captured on the western side of Astral Mountain and it offers a slew of benefits in this fight. It can freeze Jetragon, it can tank, it can hit hard with super effective damage.

Vanwyrm Cryst is our runner up for damage, but it’s unlikely to live long. Jormuntide and Blazamut won’t do much damage, but they can tank attacks for you.

The fight with Jetragon will take place in an open field without much cover. The fight is made harder because Jetragon attacks fast and its moves cover a wide area. If you’re not careful, Jetragon can wear you down fast. That’s where the rocket launcher comes in.

The Rocket Launcher offers the biggest damage in the game, with each shot doing around 1,000 damage. Jetragon has 11,138 HP, which means that you can quickly get the fight in your favor early in the fight. The Assault Rifle isn’t nearly as good, but it’s more accessible. Its ammo can be found by defeating high-level human grunts, purchased at Fisherman’s Point, or crafted. The assault rifle should also be your go to to whittle down Jetragon’s health to catchable limits. Try to get its health down to 100 or so before capturing it. The capture rate is really low, even with Legendary Spheres and several Effigy levels, so the lower you can get it, the better.

Jetragon has three attacks:

  • Dragon Meteor – Calls down numerous small meteorites and launches them at an enemy.
  • Fire Ball – Creates a giant ball of flame and hurts it at an enemy. The ball explodes over a wide area upon impact.
  • Beam Comet – Jetragon’s exclusive skill. Flies at enemies on illuminated wings while firing innumerable beams. The beams explode on impact.

Each of these attacks comes with clear signs before they’re used. Jetragon will lift himself up and conjure a fireball when he’s using Fire Ball. When he’s using Dragon Meteor, he’ll lift up on his hind legs and his wings will illuminate. And for Beam Comet, he’ll charge right at you.

But beware, the hitboxes for these attacks are huge. It can be difficult to dodge roll your way out of them. This is why a tanky Pal like Frostallion or Blazamut is recommended. Don’t be afraid to back away to get into cover, recoup, or whatever it is you need to do. So long as you don’t go too far, you’re still in the fight.

But the real killer in the fight is that all the resources in the area explode. This means that there’s a chance you might run over 150 rocks and find that you can’t move. Try to keep your eye on the ground and avoid any resources that might accidentally be auto-picked up into your inventory. But don’t panic if it does happen. Just quickly open your inventory and drop them.

The best time to throw a Legendary Sphere is when Jetragon is rearing up for an attack. This is one of the few moments where he’s stationary and you know he won’t dodge to the right at the last second. If you time it right, you should be able to cancel his attack as well.

Full Stats for Jetragon in Palworld

As expected, the Jetragon is a formidable foe with high stats. Luckily, it’s possible that loot drops like diamond or polymer make it worth fighting. Here’s a complete list of stats for Jetragon.

  • HP: 110
  • Defense: 110
  • Crafting Speed: 100
  • Melee Attack: 100
  • Shot Attack: 140
  • Price: 8680
  • Stamina: 100
  • Support: 100
  • Running Speed: 1700
  • Sprinting Speed: 3300
  • Walk Speed: 600

How to Make Jetragon Shoot Missiles in Palworld

Once obtained, you can get Jetragon’s Missile Launcher from the Technology Menu. This will allow you to ride Jetragon and cause Jetragon to shoot missiles when you ride him. It’s available at level 50 for 5 Technology points.

  • Leather x 100
  • Refined Ingot x 200
  • Circuit Board x 50
  • Paldium Fragment x 140

To learn more about the game, check out our guide on all Palworld egg types, or click the tag below to browse our growing article list.

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