All Towns (Human Settlements) in Palworld, Listed

Where'd everybody go?

Palworld screenshot of a player character standing in front of the unnamed city settlement
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If you’re looking for friendly faces, there are scant few places you can go in Palworld. Here are all the settlement locations in Palworld.

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What Are Palworld Villages And Towns?

Discovering the vast open world of Palworld is only half the fun, as the game’s villages and towns serve as key locations for players. These Palworld Village locations are more than just pretty landscapes; they are bustling hubs of commerce where you can trade with merchants, exchange Pals, and even cross paths with the elusive Black Marketeer.

Palworld black marketeer NPC
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This guide will help you navigate the settlements and villages, each offering unique opportunities to enhance your journey in Palworld.

All Town (Human Settlement) Locations in Palworld, Listed

Palworld can feel like a cruel and unforgiving place. Half the monsters want to kill you, and so does almost every other human you meet. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place where you can relax. There are a few human settlements located around Palworld where people aren’t going to immediately start shooting at you.

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The Small Settlement

This is likely the first settlement you’ll find at coordinates: 73 and -484, as it’s just west of the Plateau of Beginnings, where you start the game. This town really doesn’t have much to offer. There’s a guard, two merchants, and three villagers within the town’s limits. And while they do warn you about the hostile Syndicates in the area, beyond the merchants, there isn’t much here.

  • Palworld screenshot of the small settlement on the world map
  • Palworld screenshot of a player character overlooking the small settlement

But if you’re in need of a few quick items, the Small Settlement is a good place to travel back and forth to when you first start the game. The Wandering Merchant has a solid supply of nourishment and crafting materials for you to build a farm back at your base, and there’s a Pal Merchant you can interact with for a chance to nab a Pal you don’t yet have or to sell off any unwanted Pals when you’re strapped for cash and want to declutter your Palbox.

Fisherman’s Point

Fisherman’s Point is the biggest settlement in Palworld, with coordinates -481 and -744, and it is the most bustling town in the game. That being said, don’t expect an entire city full of dozens of NPCs just waiting to talk to you. But while light on conversation, it at least offers significantly more than the Small Settlement.

To find Fisherman’s Point, you’ll need to go to Mount Obsidian, to the very southwest. You’ll need some heavy heat resistance to pass through the mountain, and you’ll find this island is full of high-level Pals. But if you can skate by them, you’ll find yourself in a Fisherman’s Point, which has three merchants. Wandering Merchant (red), Wandering Merchant (green), and Pal Merchant that sells Fire-type Pals! While not a perfect replacement for the Black Marketeer, it’s a good way to trade away Pals guilt-free.

  • Palworld screenshot of the fisherman's point settlement location on the world map
  • Palworld screenshot of a player character in front of the fisherman's point settlement

The other merchants sell miscellaneous goods. You’ll find the first one in the center of town, peddling the same basic wares as the Wandering Merchant in the Small Settlement. But if you go to the town’s left, you’ll find someone who sells items meant to help you survive the heat, like a fire-resistant ring and fire-resistant thermals. But beyond that, they sell better Pal Spheres, rarer resources, and some interesting hat schematics.

Duneshelter (Abandoned)

Update: Apparently, Duneshelter isn’t abandoned. My game is just glitched! There are three merchants here, including a Pal Merchant. However, because they’re under the city for me, I can’t talk to them.

Palworld screenshot of a glitched Duneshelter with merchants standing underneath the settlement
Screenshot by Prima Games

With coordinates 357 and -348, Duneshelter is a settlement in the far northeast of the Palworld map, and it’s a lovely city that’s unfortunately been almost completely abandoned. There’s a guard outside tending a fire and one of the five Black Marketeers outside the city limits, but beyond that (and a diary collectible), this desert city is a ruin.

  • Palworld screenshot of the duneshelter settlement location on the world map
  • Palworld screenshot of a player character standing in front of the duneshelter settlement

Ruined Fortress City (Abandoned)

Whatever Palworld used to be, it must have been magnificent. The Ruined Fortress City is located at -562, -246 and sits atop Mount Obsidian, and it absolutely sprawls. Drum towers and sandstone walls stretch as far as the eye can see. But it’s painfully empty. Still, it’s worth picking your way through the ruins, as there’s plenty of high-level Pals and collectibles hidden within these abandoned rooms. Including one of the rare Skill Fruit Trees. Just make sure you equip yourself with heat-resistant gear first.

  • Palworld screenshot of the ruined fortress city settlement location on the world map
  • Palworld screenshot of a player character overlooking the ruined fortress city settlement

Unnamed City (Abandoned)

The final city doesn’t have a name. And yet, it’s the most futuristic and whole of them all, and certainly a score better than the tin huts the rest of humanity is living in. With coordinates -90 and -110, it can be found at the base of Astral Mountain; there’s a city comprised of strange, cubic-detailed towers. This city is full of corridors, stairs, and canals. And an odd amount of Arsox, who seem to guard over the abandoned city. But there’s no one in the streets. It’s completely abandoned.

  • Palworld screenshot of the unnamed city settlement location on the world map
  • Palworld screenshot of a player character standing in front of the unnamed city settlement

Although this location is cold and generally aggressive, explore it. It offers some awesome goodies that you can discover. For example, you may uncover Huge Damp Eggs that can be hatched for a chance at a Suzaku Aqua, which is a rare fusion of a strong flying Pal.

Those are all the settlements located in Palworld. For more tips and tricks, check out how to unlock guns in Palworld.

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