How to Feed the Shitieshou Panda in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

How to Feed the Shitieshou Panda in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Feed the pandas yo!

Pandas sure are cute and cuddly, and no game set in China can go without them – it is the law! So even in the dark fantasy version of the Three Kingdom period, we gotta have them, be it a little bit different than your everyday Panda. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty features DEMON PANDAS! Well, even in their Shitieshou demon form, they are still adorable little chubby bastards.

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Aside from being cute little demons, they have a special purpose in the game – you can feed them items in order to get some new random accessories! So, let’s find out how to feed the Shitieshou pandas in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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How to Feed the Shitieshou Panda in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

First up let’s get that silly name out of the way – Shitieshou means “Iron Chewer”, so those color-swapped Panda demons will gladly eat iron and all other items you throw their way. There are 23 locations in the game where you can find Shitieshou pandas, and once you find them you will most likely see them just sitting on their ass and looking friendly. Avoid battling enemies near them because these peaceful creatures will get up and run away very quickly!

Just look at it!

To feed Shitieshou Panda in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty:

  1. Choose any item from your inventory and drop it near the panda, just keep in mind that you can’t get it back!
  2. Once the item is near it, the little demon will eat it.
  3. After Shitieshou is done chewing your item, it will throw a random accessory back at you.
  4. Pick it up from the ground and check what you’ve got!

The drops are random but the accessory item that you get will be of the same rarity level as the item you fed the panda with.

You can perform a trade with each Shitieshou panda only once, so choose wisely what you throw in front of them. Also, as you find them in the game and start befriending them, they will start appearing in the Hidden Village zone (Mt. Tianzhushan) where you will be able to watch their silly antics as much as you want. Demon pandas are the best!

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