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How to Defeat the First Boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Adapt or get taken out.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Wo Long Boss

The first real boss you will encounter in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is Zhang Liang, and it does not take long for you to reach the first boss arena. Like so many other games in this style, the boss is designed to teach you the mechanics you will need to succeed in the rest of the game, and he does not hold back.

Compared to the other small enemies you face on the way to the boss arena, Zhang Liang has far more attacks that you need to look out for. To survive, you will need to utilize your deflects to the best of your ability, and knowing what the first boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty can do will make the fight easier.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – How to Defeat Zhang Liang

There are two phases that you need to worry about when you fight the first boss. The first phase is far easier but can take longer. Zhang will either swing his club at you, use jump attacks, or use the red-colored critical attacks. Regardless of the attacks he uses, you should be deflecting each and every attack to decrease the Spirit Gauge of the boss. When his gauge breaks, use a Fatal Stike by hitting the same button as your spirit attack. You will need to do this at least twice.

After the first phase, Zhang Liang will transform and the second phase will start. deflects are still your friend in this phase, and the goal is still to deplete the Spirit Gauge in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. However, the attacks will get much more difficult.

Tips for Phase 2 of Zhang Liang:

  • Most of the attacks will have even more delay before they land. Stay patient and wait for a deflect.
  • When the boss slams down the hammer, wait a moment, then evade to either side before spikes appear.
  • Red-colored critical attacks must be deflected. Upon success, you will have a large window to dish out massive damage and cause the Spirit Gauge to break. Use your Fatal Strike here.
  • Repeat the cycle twice and look at the bottom right corner for the Divine Beast gauge. You can tap the deflect and the spirit button at the same time to activate this and end the fight.

One final tip is to use the armor you have at your disposal. Most players will get the Baihu Armor as a download bonus and it can be claimed at the banner within the deliveries section. This armor gives a massive boost and can help with the first boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

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