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How to Dismiss Companions and Play Solo in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Get lost, kid.

by Matt Vatankhah

There’s ample opportunity to play alongside companions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – and for good reason. The game is pretty hard, and taking on the numerous challenges it throws at you by yourself can be a daunting task. Still, for the gaming masochists out there, accepting help from NPCs or human players just isn’t an option, and solitude is the only way to truly achieve victory. Worry not, as you can dismiss your companions and play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty completely solo if you choose. Continue reading to learn how.

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How to Dismiss Companions and Play Solo in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

At the beginning of just about every mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you’ll be accompanied by an NPC companion or two. Though they can aid in taking the pressure off of you in battle, you may prefer the lone wolf route for your playthrough. Luckily, there’s an item in your inventory that will shoo off any followers you may find yourself with.

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In your Inventory and under Items, you’ll find the Willow Branch, which allows you to part ways with your companion when used. Though it behaves as a consumable, you can use the Willow Branch as many times as you’d like.

The Willow Branch flavor text reads, “In Zhongyuan, there is a custom to break off a twig from a willow and give it as a parting gift when seeing someone off on a journey.

In short – adios, sucker!

Though the Willow Branch will poof any NPC companions away from you, you can also summon them back to your side at any Battle Flag. To do so, interact with a Battle Flag and choose the Reinforcements menu. Select the companion(s) you’d like to summon, and confirm your selection by spending one Tiger Seal for each follower.

Battling alongside each companion will raise their Oath rank, and upon maxing out that rank, you’ll be awarded with their full armor set. So, it’s not necessarily the worst idea to choose a best friend or two throughout your journey, even if your intention is to eventually steal their garments.

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