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How to Defeat Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Lu Bu ain't your boo.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty takes you, a nameless militia soldier, through several locales during the Later Han Dynasty and introduces you to many of the most famous warriors of the Three Kingdoms. Though you’ll battle countless other militia soldiers and demonic beasts along your way, some of the most intimidating enemies are the legendary warriors of Chinese history, and few are as fearsome as the Mightiest Among Men himself, Lu Bu. Continue reading for our guide on defeating Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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How to Defeat Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Lu Bu is the final boss of the Chapter Four mission entitled The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass. Recommended for players level 37 and above, this mission has you aiding the coalition with Yuan Shao as they attempt to break through Dong Zhuo’s defenses. After making your way through the snowy fort, you’ll come upon the garrison gates and face off with the mini-boss, Hau Xiong.

Dispose of him, stake your Battle Flag, and open the doors ahead to meet with Lu Bu.

Lu Bu Boss Guide – On Horseback

Screenshot by Prima Games

Lu Bu will begin the battle on horseback, and will repeatedly fire a volley of arrows at you from a long distance. These arrows can easily be deflected or blocked. Try closing the distance on him to force him into more melee-centric moves.

When he’s near you, Lu Bu will swipe at you with his halberd. Like most of his moves, these swipes have a wind up animation and can be easily deflected.

Lu Bu can perform two different Critical Blows while on horseback:

Screenshot by Prima Games

The first is a high leap into the air, followed by a slam on top of you. Try deflecting right before he lands for a successful parry. Lu Bu will only be staggered for a very short time, which won’t allow you much time to wail on him. No worries, as the Spirit damage for deflecting his attack is good enough.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The second Critical Blow is a head-first charge towards you. Lu Bu will spin his halberd above his head while his horse rears, and then immediately charge full speed. It’s a good idea to deflect the moment he begins his charge, because he’ll be able to close the distance quicker than you may anticipate.

Continue deflecting his two Critical Blows and blocking his arrow volleys until you’ve broken his Spirit, at which point Lu Bu will hop off his horse and fight you on foot.

Lu Bu Boss Guide – On Foot

On foot, Lu Bu is even deadlier than before, capable of one-shotting you with some of his Critical Blows (especially if you’re under leveled).

Lu Bu is quick and agile, but most of his normal attacks have a bit of wind-up, so it’s recommended to keep your block up while you begin to learn his attack patterns. He can easily close the gap between you with a leap attack, and will regularly swipe and stab at you with a flurry of normal attacks that can quickly deplete your Spirit gauge if not deflected.

Additionally, Lu Bu’s horse will continuously run in circles around the arena, and is capable of knocking into you and doing damage while your focus is elsewhere. To avoid this, try keeping yourself and Lu Bu around the center of the arena.

On foot, Lu Bu will perform three different Critical Blows:

Screenshot by Prima Games

The first is another leap slam, but even stronger than before. Unlike the horseback slam, you’ll want to slightly delay your deflection for this one, timing it the moment his feet touch the ground.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The second Critical Blow is another charging attack, where Lu Bu will drag his halberd on the ground behind him while charging towards you. Slightly delay your deflection for this one as well, as he won’t swing his weapon until he’s practically within kissing distance from your face.

Be extra careful with this attack, as being caught by it will force you into an embarrassing animation of brutal Lu Bu punishment, and will more than likely kill you instantly.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The third Critical Blow will happen after Lu Bu twirls his halberd around his body while he slowly spins around, readying for a devastating frontal stab. The timing can be tricky with this one, and the frontal stab can easily catch you off guard if you’re not ready for it. Luckily, you may be able to survive being hit if you’re at or near full health.

Lu Bu Boss Guide – Other Tips

Lu Bu will eventually jump back on his horse again, and you’ll need to repeat the same tactics from the beginning of the fight. Be careful, as Lu Bu will become more aggressive as the fight goes on. When he’s back on his horse, he’s capable of firing two volleys of arrows at you instead of one. Prepare to keep your guard up.

Lu Bu can also imbue his weapon with fire, causing his attacks to deal burning damage to you. This makes it even more important to learn the timing of his moves so that they can be deflected rather than blocked. If you’re having trouble avoiding the Burn status ailment, it’s not a bad idea to equip the Cleanse wizardry spell for this fight.

Lu Bu has a lot of health, and can quickly make yours disappear. As such, this can be a longer fight, and patience is the key to victory. Rather than striking him at every opportunity you think you may have, focus on a more defensive route. Concentrate on deflecting his normal attacks and, especially, his Critical Blows, so that you can whittle his Spirit gauge down bit by bit until you’ve staggered him. Then, go for the Fatal Strike.

NPC companions can help to a degree. They won’t be able to do much damage to Lu Bu, but they could take his attention away from you when you need it the most.

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