How to Play Multiplayer in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

How to Play Multiplayer in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Bring your friends or help the strangers.

It appears to be a new tradition in Souls-like games that co-op multiplayer is difficult to come by. Although it is incredibly cool to bring your friends into the game for aid with a boss or simply to play together, the multiplayer feature is not available in almost any Souls game from the start. The brand new Team Ninja game is no exception, so let’s find out how to unlock multiplayer features in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

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How to Play Multiplayer in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

To unlock the ability to play with your friends and other players in Wo Long, you just need to beat the first boss in the game. It doesn’t sound overly difficult, but don’t forget that this is a Souls-like title from the creators of the Nioh games. The first boss in the game, Zhang Liang, is kind of a test for new players – a skill check, basically. On the other hand, if you are a Souls/Nioh veteran, you will not have much trouble learning his mechanics and memorizing his patterns. The trick is to deflect the attacks in order to put him in stagger mode when it is possible to inflict some serious damage.

After that, you need to push through the second phase when the bosses’ health will refill again. When Zhang Liang eventually falls, you will gain access to the second level of the game (Two Chivalrous Heroes) and the co-op mode will be unlocked.

How to Send Invites to Other Players in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

When co-op multiplayer options become available, to send invitations to other players to join you, head to the Bonfire… I mean, the Battle Flag rest spot. There you will have access to the menu from which you can select the “Online Lobby”, from there you will have two options:

  • Recruit – This is where you ask for help from random players, or join their games by selecting the Respond option.
  • Co-Op – This is the option where you connect with your friends. You can’t pull up your friend list, but the game will provide you with a numerical password code (similar to Monster Hunter Rise), which you need to send to your friends over messenger – then use “Join co-op by Set Password”.

Once you and your friends join the game, you will have the option to customize your loadout and select a mission you want to play together. Have fun!

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