Baihu Armor
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How to Claim the Baihu Armor in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Don't miss this overpowered armor.

Most games these days have some kind of bonus content for players that order the game in advance, and in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, that content is the Baihu Armor. This set has a mix of gold and white that is held together with a tiger-like theme for the helmet.

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Not only does the armor have one of the best styles, which can be used to decorate your armor throughout the game, but the stats are also fantastic for early-game encounters. Even if you do not need the armor early, it is super easy to upgrade, which makes it even more enticing. Our guide will outline how you can claim the Baihu Armor for yourself in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – How to Claim the Baihu Armor

When you begin your playthrough, you will encounter two types of flags around the map. There are smaller flags that are placed for additional fortification. Then you have the battle flags that serve as the souls-like bonfire in Wo Long. You need to approach one of these and rest to access the menu for the armor.

Once you are resting at one of the battle flags, go all the way down the list to the deliveries section. As soon as you select it, the game will scan your account for any missing DLC. If you pre-ordered Wo Long Fallen Dynasty or purchased it before March 16, then the Baihu Armor will appear.

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From here, all you need to do is head to your inventory after claiming the Baihu Armor and equip it to your character. If you are having trouble on the first boss in the game, this is one of the best armor options you have to help you get through. Afterward, the armor will continue to scale well and typically does not require any materials to continue upgrading.

And that is all! For more articles related to the game, check out the dedicated Wo Long Fallen Dynasty section of our site.

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