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Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty PC Performance Good? – Answered

Maybe the dynasty was fated to fall

by Patrick Souza
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Performance

Team Ninja is infamous for their bad PC ports for their games, despite having many bangers as their titles. The best example might be Nioh 2, which was barely playable during its first days, but last year’s Strange of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins suffered from the same issues. But what about the performance for their newest title, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Pc Performance Good? – Answered

Well… saying it is bad would still be an understatement. Performance is a big issue for PC players but does not seem to affect consoles as much. At the time of the game’s release, the consensus seems that playing it on PS5 or Xbox is the best way to enjoy this beast-slaying adventure, greatly reminiscent of the intense Nioh combat style.

Stuttering, lagging and some random FPS drops are some of the reported issues which you can find in most reviews. Players who claim to have better setups than the game’s recommended ones seem to be struggling with those problems at some parts of the game, let alone those with minimum specs.

The main issues seem to be with Keyboard + Mouse settings. Yeah, this is certainly a game most people would just prefer to play on a controller, but there are always those brave souls who would dare to step into the realm of a souls-like game using only their basic computer setup (or maybe they just do not like controllers).

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Turning the camera with the mouse is, for some reason, an extremely sluggish task, and not knowing what will hit you in an action-packed game is usually a death sentence thrown at your face. After paying $70 for the base game, you should not be forced to get a controller to simply be able to do such basic tasks without dying.

At least Koei Tecmo claims to be already on the case, so we may expect some performance-boosting patches to drop during the next few days. Again, Nioh 2 suffered from the same issues on release, but it was eventually fixed, so there is still some hope for Wo Long. However, it is about time for the studio to stop releasing their biggest titles with subpar performances for PC players, because this has long become a trend as opposed to an exception.

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