How to Evolve Drifloon into Drifblim in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

I wanna get lost in your Pokeball, and drift away..

Drifblim is a dual-type Ghost/Flying Pokemon that’s been around since Gen 4, and makes yet another appearance in the newly released Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Its large, spherical body sort of resembles a hot air balloon, and its ability to inflate and deflate itself at will makes it behave just like one as well. Drifblims don’t really have any control of their own direction, and are instead carried by the will of the wind, but according to Pokemon rumors, they’re said to have carried people into the afterlife. Yeah, I didn’t realize Pokemon lore got this weird either. Anyway, once you’ve caught yourself a Drifloon, keep reading to learn how to evolve it into a Drifblim in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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How to Evolve Drifloon into Drifblim in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Evolving Drifloom into Drifblim won’t involve any wacky tasks that other evolutions require, like Gimmighouls into Gholdengos, but instead is a pretty straightforward process. Much like most Pokemon evolutions, you’ll just have to level up your Drifloom to reach its next stage.

Drifloom will naturally evolve into Drifblim once it reaches level 28, and while you may think that takes too long, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet offers several ways to speed up the leveling process.

Normal battles in the wild, which you can speed up by using the Let’s Go auto-battling mechanic, is one way to grind for experience. There’s also Gym Battles, which will have you battling against multiple Pokemon, yielding even more experience for your roster. But the easiest method is by just feeding your Drifloon XP Candies, which are found scattered around the Paldea region and rewarded after successfully completing Tera Raid battles.

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Before you realize, your little Drifloon will grow up into a mighty Drifblim in no time.

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