How to Evolve and Morph O’Sole Meeo in Vampire Survivors

Doggy becomes... what?

How to Evolve O'Sole Meeo and Celestial Dusting
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O’Sole Meeo is a cool and unique character in Vampire Survivors and one of the rare animal characters you can play. Until recently, the evolution (morph) of O’Sole Meeo was not possible. However, thanks to the lovely and passionate commitment the team Poncle has to honor their promises, we’ve been granted a way to evolve (morph) O’Sole Meeo in Vampire Survivors patch 1.7. If you want to try out O’Sole Meeo’s evolution (morph) and the upgraded weapon Profusione D’Amore, read below on how to achieve this.

Evolution of O’Sole Meeo in Vampire Survivors: How it’s done

There are two prerequisites that you must fulfill to evolve O’Sole Meeo. First, you must unlock the Chaos Altemanna relic, and after you’ve done that, you need to start a run with O’Sole Meeo. Then, all you have to do is to level O’Sole Meeo up to Level 80. Evolution happens entirely automatically, and you become some kind of a solar deity, waving hands around and having flowers grow all around you.

This content is currently available only on PC (Steam) through the public-beta branch which you can access by right-clicking Vampire Survivors in your Steam Library, going to Properties, Betas, and then selecting the public-beta branch. Patch 1.7.0 for Vampire Survivors is to be released for all platforms later in October.

What Does the Morph Evolution of O’Sole Meeo Do in Vampire Survivors?

I have noticed that three different attacks come out of evolved O’Sole Meeo in my playthroughs:

  1. AoE attack that scatters yellow flower petals across the screen.
  2. AoE attack is what I would describe as a flower ripple coming out of the character and expanding toward the edges of the screen.
  3. AoE attack that is like a wave of flowers coming from a seemingly random direction.

Can You Use the Evolved Celestial Dusting (Profusione D’Amore) on Other Characters in Vampire Survivors?

This is, I believe, the same mechanic as bone evolution and cherry bomb evolution; it’s limited to the character who has the weapon as their starting weapon. By this pattern, I reckon Poncle will add more of these evolutions to other characters with a shop weapon for a starting weapon, such as Ramba (Carrello) and Sir Ambrojoe (La Robba).

When you are done clearing the content from Patch 1.7, you might want to play some of the best games like Vampire Survivors.

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