How to Earn a Ballon d’Or Award in BitLife

The secret is working hard and picking the right starting country

How to Earn a Ballon d'Or Award in BitLife

In BitLife, it’s one thing to become a famous athlete and make a lot of money. Winning championships and awards, though, is an entirely different ball game. While you can play your matches, become rich and live a comfortable life, you can also enjoy knowing that your character is the best at what they do! One great way to prove this is by getting the Ballon d’Or, which signifies that you’re the most outstanding player in the league. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to earn a Ballon d’Or Award in BitLife.

How to Earn a Ballon d’Or Award in BitLife

Make sure you purchase the Pro Athlete special job pack before before attempting this. You must have this pack to become a professional athlete and participate in world championship games! You can buy the pack individually or get Boss Mode to unlock every current and future career package.

When you create your character, there are two main points to look out for. The first is to have the athletic special talent. While it isn’t required, it’ll help you out a lot. The second part is setting your starting country to Spain. While you may be able to get this award in other countries, I can personally confirm that you can get the Ballon d’Or here.

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Once you make your new character, you’ll have to go through the process of becoming a professional athlete. To do this, age up and join a secondary school soccer team. Practice hard to become team captain! After graduating, you’ll receive an offer to join a professional sports team. If you don’t get the offer, attempt this in university. Accept this to start the first part of this adventure!

After becoming a professional soccer player, you’ll want to do the following every year:

  • Practice, practice, practice. Head into the Professional Athlete menu and select Practice. Keep all six stats as high as possible to increase your chances of winning championship games and awards. I got my Ballon d’Or after maxing out all six stats in my sixth year as a professional athlete.
  • Stay fit! Go back into the menu and select Train to improve your fitness. This’ll help you perform better and prevent injuries. Try to keep this as high as possible!
  • Don’t do drugs! Once every 2-3 years, your coaches will ask you to take doping tests to make sure you’re not intoxicated. To stay safe, don’t consume any drugs!

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From here, it comes down to luck. Even if you earn a special award in BitLife, it’s not guaranteed to be the Ballon d’Or. Work hard, practice and try to win as many championship games as possible to improve your chances. As you win more awards, your chances of it being the Ballon d’Or will grow.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Get into Business School and How to Spread Rumors in BitLife.

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