BitLife World Bitcup Challenge

How to Complete the World BitCup Challenge in BitLife

Become a world champion!

The World BitCup Challenge in BitLife is now live! Starting on November 19, 2022, you’ll have to start as a student-athlete and become a world-class soccer player! Along the way, you’ll have to win awards and prove that you made it cleanly without resorting to questionable practices. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to complete the World BitCup Challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete the World BitCup Challenge in BitLife

Below are the five tasks you must complete for the World BitCup Challenge in BitLife:

  • Become captain of your high school’s soccer team
  • Become a professional soccer player
  • Earn a Ballon d’Or award
  • Win 3+ championships
  • Pass a doping test

Before starting, make sure you have the Pro Athlete special career pack. With it, you can become a professional sports star that wins awards and championships. To get it, you’ll have to purchase it with real money.

Once you have the Pro Athlete career pack, create a character with the athlete special talent. While this isn’t required, it’ll help you later on when trying out for school sports teams. You’ll also want to set your starting country to Spain so you can get the Ballon d’Or award later. Afterwards, age up until your character enters high school before joining the soccer team. Select the team and try hard each year! Eventually, you’ll become team captain.

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If you stay on the soccer team all throughout high school, you’ll be asked to join a professional team after graduating. Accept the offer to complete the second task! From here, you can practice your athletic skills and age up to participate in championship games. If your athletic stats are high, you’ll slowly climb to winning championships and awards, including the Ballon d’Or. To make things faster, you can ask to move to a high-performing team, but this isn’t guaranteed to work.

Just make sure that, no matter what, you don’t take any drugs. Your managers will occasionally ask your character to take doping tests, and you’ll fail the challenge if you’re caught consuming drugs! In other words, hard work and dedication is the secret to the remaining three tasks.

After finishing all five tasks, you’ll complete the World BitCup Challenge in BitLife!

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Become a Musician and How to Live in a Haunted Mansion in BitLife.

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