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How to Complete the Vampire Challenge in BitLife

It's easy. Do not go out in the sunlight.

by Nikola L
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BitLife allows you to do a whole host of different things with your virtual life. It ascended past realism a long time ago, and while you can’t really become a Vampire in the game, there is a challenge that carries the name of this supernatural creature.

But how do you do it, you ask? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the prerequisites for the Vampire challenge in BitLife so that you too can complete it.

How to Become a Vampire in BitLife

The list of requirements for you to finish the Vampire Challenge in BitLife is perhaps longer than most of the challenges in the game, but they are not too difficult to pull off.

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  • You need to be born in Romania or move there during your lifetime. Romania and the entire Balkans region are known as the origin of the Vampire myth.
  • Speaking of lifetime… You need to live for over a century. Yup. Vampires are said live eternally (unless they get killed in very specific manners according to the lore).
  • Impale and Bite three people (can be done to different people)
  • Own a house that’s haunted and at least 100 years old.

Since impaling and biting people can be considered wrong or even illegal in most locations, you could potentially get in trouble while attempting. We’ve tested this challenge and it turns out that it’s better to do the crime elsewhere and then move to Romania so that the local authorities don’t bother you in your cool Transylvania Vampire Castle.

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That’s it for this BitLife Vampire challenge guide. Make sure to check out our BitLife game tag under the article for more guides, hints, and tips. Until next time!