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How to do Side Missions in the Dead Space Remake

Everything you need to know about side missions on the USG Ishimura

by Grant Testa

Among the many improvements and new features found in the Dead Space Remake, one of the most notable is the introduction of side missions on the USG Ishimura. While the previous version of Dead Space was more level oriented and linear, the latest version of the game from Electronic Arts and Motive Studio functions as a quasi-Metroidvania, allowing players to backtrack and explore previously inaccessible locations. Whether you are new to Dead Space or a returning player unsure how to start the new side missions in the remake, here is everything you need to know.

How Many Side Missions are there in the Dead Space Remake?

In total there are three side missions in the Dead Space Remake, which are Scientific Methods, Premeditated Malpractice, and You Are Not Authorized. Here are the locations to start each mission.

Scientific Methods Side Mission Location

In Chapter 2, picking up the audio log in Dr. Nicole Brennan’s Office will begin the side mission, Scientific Methods.

You Are Not Authorized Side Mission Location

In Chapter 4, interacting with the Bridge Security Computer in the Captain’s Nest will begin the mission, You Are Not Authorized.

Premeditated Malpractice Side Mission Location

In Chapter 6, interacting with the tissue sample dropped during the first fight with the Hunter in Chapter 5 will begin the mission Premeditated Malpractice.

Side Mission Tips in the Dead Space Remake

In order to begin a side mission, you need to select “track objective” in the mission menu, which will allow you to use your RIG to find its location. If the objective is marked in red, it means you need to progress further to be able to continue the mission. If the objective is marked in yellow, it means that it can be currently tracked and completed.

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When using the locator to track a mission, the line to follow story objectives is blue, while side mission objectives are yellow. To track a side mission, follow the yellow line until you reach your location, and follow the mission instructions.

Are Side Missions Missable in the Dead Space Remake?

Side Missions are not missable in Dead Space, up until the point of no return. The point of no return takes place when you leave the USG Ishimura late in the game. For more information, follow the related link below.

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