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Everything that Transfers to New Game Plus in Dead Space Remake

Which items carry over to new game plus in Dead Space?

by Grant Testa

Did you finish the story of Dead Space and are gearing up for a second spin on the USG Ishimura? Are you curious about what carries over from a first playthrough into New Game Plus in Electronic Arts and Motive Studio’s remake? Do you have unused resources from your first run through the game that you are worried will go to waste? Well, fear not, survival horror gamer, as this guide is here to tell you everything you need to know about what items can be transferred into a New Game Plus Run of Dead Space, which unfortunately will not. Let’s take a look.

Everything that Transfers to New Game Plus in Dead Space

The good news is that virtually everything from your first playthrough carries over into your second adventure. When you choose to start New Game Plus, Dead Space will display a message stating, “Starting a New Game Plus will carry over weapons items, credits, and upgrades from your completed playthrough. They can be retrieved from the Storage of any Store you encounter. You can expect to face new enemies and perhaps find new mysteries to uncover.”

This is welcome news to any players who saved up excess ammo, stasis, health, power nodes, etc., in their first run.

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Everything that Doesn’t Transfer to New Game Plus in Dead Space

Unfortunately, a few things do not transfer into New Game Plus, which include side mission progress and security clearance. This means players will have to create the Maximum Security Override a second time in new game plus if they want to explore the Ishimura again fully.

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What are the New Enemies and New Mysteries to Uncover in New Game Plus?

The new enemies found in the Dead Space Remake’s New Game Plus are “phantom” versions of Necromorphs, which are stronger than their base version counterparts and serve as mini-bosses. The new mystery to uncover is finding Marker Fragments strewn throughout New Game Plus, which can be used to unlock the new secret ending of the Dead Space Remake.

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