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Does the Peng Treasure Glitch Still Work in the Dead Space Remake? – Answered

Can you still get infinite credits in Dead Space?

by Grant Testa

The Dead Space Remake is a faithful rebuild of the original 2008 game that altered the landscape of horror gaming forever. Electronic Arts and Motive Studio’s remake pays homage to the iconic setting of the USG Ishimura, its characters, Isaac Clarke’s weaponry, the terrifying Necromorph enemies, and even includes the findable Peng Treasure. One question on every (cheating) gamer’s mind though is whether the Dead Space Remake includes the Peng Treasure glitch, that gives players infinite credits, to help fully upgrade Isaac’s arsenal. This article will fill you in on where to find the Peng Treasure in the Dead Space Remake and whether the glitch still works in the 2023 remake.

Where to Find the Peng Treasure in the Dead Space Remake

The Peng Treasure is no longer found in the previous location that it was placed in the original 2008 Dead Space. For the exact location of the Peng Treasure, follow the related link below.

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Does the Glitch Still Work in the Dead Space Remake?

Unfortunately, in the Dead Space Remake, the Peng Treasure duplication glitch no longer works. After researching multiple methods that worked in the original Dead Space, I could not find any way to duplicate the Peng Treasure and the previous glitches did not work. If there is a new Peng Treasure Glitch, it currently remains unknown.

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Why Doesn’t the Peng Treasure Glitch Work in the Dead Space Remake?

It is likely that Motive Studio patched out the glitch, with the developers going as far as to move the location of the Peng Treasure. The glitch previously allowed gamers to fully level up Isaac’s gear and weaponry, and to acquire ammo and healing items through duplicating the most valuable collectible in the game. However, the original glitch did not have much of an impact on the game’s hardest difficulty, Impossible Mode, as the Peng Treasure could only be accessed in Chapter 11, and Impossible Mode was not allowed on New Game Plus. Originally, the glitch could be created in the Flight Lounge, which is adjacent to the Hangar Bay.

The Peng Treasure was previously located near the location seen in the image above, but it is unfortunately no longer located in the Hangar Bay, thus voiding any opportunity to max out all weapons and ammo prior to a new game plus run.

However, unlike the Peng Treasure glitch, Prima Games is reliable, and should be your go-to source for all the news, guides, reviews, and features you could possibly need.

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