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How to Do 90-Minute Game Trials on Steam

Valve's tired of your refund tricks.

by Matt Vatankhah

We’re all guilty of it – purchasing a game on Steam and taking advantage of its gracious two-hour played/two-week owned refund window. Hey, sometimes a game just doesn’t run well on your PC. Other times, it just sucks. Whatever the reason, gamers may no longer need to Totally and Legitimately return Steam games they no longer want. Starting today, Valve is now offering 90-minute free trials for select games on Steam, beginning with the 2023 remake of Dead Space. Here’s how to play 90-minute Game Trials on Steam.

How to Play Dead Space and Other Free Game Trials on Steam

As of now, the only 90-minute trial available to play is Dead Space, so we’ll be using that as our example. To download a free 90-minute game trial on Steam, simply head to the chosen game’s Store page.

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Right underneath the game’s description, you’ll see a window to try the game with the time remaining in your free trial. Each trial gives you a full 90 minutes of the complete game experience – no demo barriers or restrictions in your gameplay.

This gives players a perfect opportunity to try out games they’re unsure if they’ll like or not, as well as allowing them to test if the game runs well on their PC. This is especially useful in today’s gaming market, after highly-anticipated games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and The Last of Us Part 1 garnered negative reception for their poor PC performances.

I’ve been waiting for the Dead Space remake to hit a huge Steam sale in the future, but now I can just try it out for a bit to see if I’d even like it the first place. Ah, who am I kidding, I love blood and guts!

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While Dead Space is currently the only game available with a free trial, we could see other publishers joining the trend in the future. Since you’ll probably be jumping into Dead Space, check out all the difficulty modes you can choose from when you start your run.

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