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How to Defeat Trolls in Hogwarts Legacy

They have a cave troll!

Some of the deadliest enemies you will face in Hogwarts Legacy are the Trolls, which have been iconic since their initial appearance in the Sorcerer’s Stone. In Hogwarts Legacy though, they are much more brutal, and you will need to be ready for a real fight if you hope to survive.

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Hogwarts Legacy has different types of Trolls with slightly different attack patterns, but they all have the same base set of mechanics. You will need to master your Protego and outsmart the Trolls when you can. We will cover everything you need to know to defeat trolls in Hogwarts Legacy in this guide.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Defeat Trolls

There are three main trolls that you will need to watch out for at the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy. You will run into Armoured Trolls, River Trolls, and Mountain Trolls to start. Of the three, the River Troll is the easiest if you know how to play defensive. These beasts will essentially bombard you with attacks that can be blocked with Protego. Make sure to hold the shield with each perfect block so you can stun the Troll and easily burn it.

Mountain Trolls and Armoured Trolls are a little more difficult. They both have an attack pattern that goes in waves of three. The first two attacks are typically unable to be dodged, and the third can be blocked. For the Mountain Trolls specifically, you will want to wait until they charge at you to unleash your hardest-hitting spells. If you dodge and they hit a wall, they will be stunned and take far more damage for a few seconds.

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Armoured Trolls are similar to the mountain versions in Hogwarts Legacy, but they are beefier and will use dash attacks. These Trolls require the most amount of dodging and you will need plenty of damage to eat through their defense. Ancient Magic is your best friend here.

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