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How to Defeat the New Final Boss in Sons of the Forest – Patch 02

This Demon Boss be like "TURN OFF THAT LIGHT!!!1one"

Sons of the Forest is gradually receiving new stuff every couple of weeks, and this time, we have a new final boss in the final bunker/cave, just before the very end of the (current) story. No spoilers, of course, do not worry, we’re here just to help you whack that crazy demon. Here’s how you can defeat this new final boss in Sons of the Forest, and info about what you can loot from it after you’ve done the deed.

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How to Beat the New Final Boss in Sons of the Forest – Patch 02

As mentioned, the new Final Boss in Sons of the Forest is located just before the current end of the storyline, in the final bunker.

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The first method to beat the new, Final Boss, is to just run the hell out through the exit. Funnily enough, this works out, and you successfully conclude the game’s current storyline (we are open to this being fixed at some point). If you want to stand up for yourself and fight, try to not have any demons chasing you from the previous rooms, because you’ll have enough problems with the ads from the Boss room alone.

The second method to beat it is to blast it with everything you’ve got (Shotguns and explosives being your primary choice, of course) and hope that you won’t get mauled to death. This particular boss has quite a few attacks in their arsenal. I advise you to have a shotgun with a flashlight because it will jump on the ceiling of the cave a lot of times, and you should be aware of where it is crawling because you don’t want it leaping on your head like a head crab from Half-Life (this one’s much bigger and packs a much bigger punch).

This boss has a bunch of melee attacks, which are mostly telegraphed. Most of them are the same as with the smaller version of the boss. So yes, the boss might stand on its front legs and try to hit you with the back legs. Try to maintain a reasonable distance at all times, so that you have enough time to dodge. You can also move backward while side strafing (or just side strafing, based on where the boss is) in order to extend the distance between the two of you. Technically, it’s not that difficult to dodge, the difficult part is being healthy, fed, not thirsty, and being fully geared for this fight with enough ammunition for your shotgun and pistol for example.

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The third method is to use the crucifix (cross) and burn the demon until he finally feels compelled by the Power. Be mindful that this will take a long, long time. Some streamers are going to take up this challenge, but you should just use this as a backup solution, when you run out of ranged weapons.

That’s it for this guide, everyone! Make sure to tune in to our Sons of the Forest tag under this article, as we follow through the development of Sons of the Forest. See you soon!

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