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How to Defeat Inferius in Hogwarts Legacy

Burn them all!

by Daniel Wenerowicz

You may not see them for the first part of the game, but eventually, the Inferius enemies will appear with no remorse and no regard for any pain. As the undead enemies of Hogwarts Legacy, the Inferi are able to take a hit or two and they may even seem impossible to take down at first.

There’s a reason that Professor Fig has been so adamant about us getting through our studies. It’s so we have a full arsenal of spells to use when the situation arises as any good Witch or Wizard would. This Hogwarts Legacy guide is here to outline exactly which spells those are so you can take down the Inferius with no issues at all.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Defeat an Inferius

What’s one thing that the undead hate in almost every tale? The answer is fire and that’s what we need to use to take down these tough Inferius undead. When you encounter one, it will be impervious to almost any damage you deal. Even if you throw basic casts or a hard-hitting stupefy, no damage will be done.

You need to kick off the fight with some kind of fire. The easiest way to do that is by using Confringo at range, and with the upgrade, fire bolts will follow that hit multiple Inferi in Hogwarts Legacy. Utilizing Accio and pulling them toward you to use Incedio is another fantastic method. Later in the game, you’ll earn Bombardo, which is great to start the fight or burn them to a crisp.

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Considering you only need fire from any source to break the invisible shield that all Inferius enemies have, you an also use Ancient Magic to throw fire barrels. Once the barrier is broken, damage from all spells will work like normal. Just make sure that the fire effect is apparent on the Inferius and you’ll be in good shape to take them down.

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