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How to Counter Mei in Overwatch 2

For when Mei isn't being such a cool foe to battle.

by Shawn Robinson

When it comes to getting better at Overwatch 2, a big part of that is which characters to choose in which situations. There are synergies with your teammates of course, but the biggest choice comes with how you can best counter your opponents. A Soldier 76, for example, can absolutely annihilate a Pharah in the right situation, preventing any sort of aerial attack on your team. One character brings many players a ton of headaches though, which is why we’re here. Here’s how to counter Mei in Overwatch 2.

The Best Characters to Counter Mei in Overwatch 2

Mei’s greatest strength comes when she’s in close to mid-range, as her freeze and icicles become far easier to hit. If she practices well enough she can snipe with her icicles, but even this is quite the challenge. As such, characters who can pick her off from a distance are the best choice. You’ll also find success if you can quickly escape her range or block her attacks, depending on your role. Here are the best characters you can choose for each role, with all this in mind:

Tank Characters

  • Reinhardt
    • While not the most effective when dealing with a Mei ultimate, a Reinhardt can easily prevent a Mei from trying anything. His large shield gives his team ample protection and, provided you wait out her Ice Block, a charge can cut her HP down fast. It’s a playstyle that requires careful understanding of Mei but can succeed just as easily.
  • Zarya
    • This pick doesn’t necessarily counter Mei offensively but instead provides some great defensive options if Mei gets aggressive onto your team. A bubble can quickly allow a teammate to evade her close-range attacks, and with two saved bubbles, her ultimate effectiveness is heavily cut down. You’re trusting in your team a lot here, but it can be super helpful.

Damage Characters

  • Pharah
    • The rocket queen herself is the perfect counter against Mei, provided she isn’t accompanied by a competent hitscan character. Given her ability to simply fly away from the fight, a Mei will have a very tough time dealing with Pharah. She’ll have to be really good with her icicles, though by that time the Mei is likely dead.
  • Sombra
    • Like Zarya, this pick is less a direct counter to Mei and more a way of handling her. Mei’s playstyle relies heavily on both her wall and her Ice Block, so being able to eliminate that for even a moment can spell her immediate death. The extra damage does help a lot too, even if Mei’s team will jump on you the minute you hack her.

Support Characters

  • Mercy
    • You’re playing Support, so you’re likely not expecting to counter Mei using your abilities. With that being said, having ways of avoiding her barrage of offensive abilities is beyond helpful. Using Guardian Angel to put some distance between you and her cryo abilities can be a big help to stay alive.
  • Moira
    • For the same reason as Mercy, having that escape tool is a massive help against Mei. You get the added bonus of some more raw damage too, helping your teammates dispatch her more quickly and get to the rest of her team. Just be sure to save the Fade for her and not something else.

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While Mei is a difficult enemy to counter, having one of these should help release the burden she has on your squad. With good positioning and situational awareness, Mei will be out of the picture before you know it. Now that you know how to handle her, check out our guide on how to deal with Orisa.

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